For those who cannot keep their dog, RAGOM is here to help

For those who cannot keep their dog, RAGOM is here to help

Sometimes life throws curveballs. It is a difficult decision for someone to realize they are not able to keep their dog, but it is sometimes the kindest and best choice they can make.

People surrender dogs to RAGOM for a variety of reasons. They might realize that having a dog is a bigger time or budget commitment than they anticipated. Maybe their dog has behavioral challenges and they don’t have the energy to work through them together. Sometimes, dogs come to us for really heartbreaking reasons – their family member needed to move into a nursing home, or they are fleeing a domestic abuse situation. Whatever the reason, RAGOM is here to help these dogs – and the people that love them.

What to expect when surrendering a dog

When someone contacts us because they need to surrender their dog, they typically receive a response from RAGOM within six hours. The RAGOM volunteer explains how our process works, and gathers information about the dog. The conversation usually lasts at least 45 minutes. RAGOM requests veterinary documents if available, and a photo of the dog, and then goes about recruiting a foster family for the dog. Once a foster is lined up, we work with the surrendering family to arrange a time to pick up their dog and welcome them into RAGOM’s care.

For RAGOM volunteers who work with surrendering families, the work is sometimes emotional. Volunteers are kind and compassionate. They act without judgement, recognizing they are working with people who are often emotional about re-homing their dog. “Knowing RAGOM has the people and programs to help the dogs to a better, life-long home is what makes it easier,” volunteer Lynn states.

For RAGOM, it’s rewarding to know we are helping dogs in need, and also the people who love them but know they are no longer the best home for their dog. Surrendering families get to see their dog’s updates on the RAGOM website, and know they are in loving hands and receiving the best of care. “When a dog comes into RAGOM, they are loved from the minute they enter the transport volunteer’s car,” volunteer Lynn states. RAGOM goes to great lengths to find a new loving family for each dog that is the perfect match for them.

RAGOM is here for those who are going through difficult circumstances and making difficult decisions for their dog. We have options to help you keep your dog in your home, and also understand that sometimes the most loving thing you can do is surrender your dog. We are committed to working with you to do what is best for your dog.

RAGOM has cared for Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes in need for nearly 40 years, so we know the breed well. Our volunteers offer loving hearts and warm homes. “We take the extra time and effort needed to find the right adopters for your dog, making sure it’s a good match for your dog’s needs,” volunteer Mark states.