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  • Age: 15 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 60.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


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Not tested
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Hello, Micah (pronounced Me-kah) here. I would like to say a big hi to all and to thank everyone who helped me into RAGOM. I came from a wonderful home where my owners adored me and showered me with lots of love. I was used to lots of bonding time, two long walks and a body massage every day. I was definitely loved and had the best life ever. Sadly, my wonderful owner passed away recently and his wife went to a care facility. So, I am now a RAGOM dog, and I hope I can find a new home to make me as happy as I was in my former home.

I am a seven-year-old neutered male with not a mean bone in my body. I am a very mellow teddy-bear kind of a guy. I love, love, love my walks, and I walk nicely on the left side--with occasional investigating along the way too. And, I love, love, love attention - petting, brushing, just having my family close or going in the car with you. I don't care about chasing any old ball around, but kind of enjoy watching other dogs do it. I'm very happy to just snooze for a good share of my day also. I will quietly sleep in a crate if you want me to, or a dog pillow, a rug, or the cool bare floor. I am a very easy guy to have around. I have heard Foster Mom (FM) and Foster Dad (FD) talking about me. (Psst - and it's all positive!! I think I heard the word impressed!) I went to obedience training when I was younger, and FM has figured out that I am still good at come, sit, stay, lie down, and heel.

I checked out pretty good at the vet. I am itching a bit, but I don't have any hot spots or visible skin issues, so the vet is assuming it is a seasonal allergy, and FM is giving me Benadryl and that helps a lot. I also have a slight ear infection in my left ear which is being treated also. I don't like getting those drops put in my ear, but FM usually gets it done pretty quick, and then it's done until the next day.

Now, for the future.....I am hoping to find a forever home similar to the home I had. This is what comes to mind so far that I would like in my forever home:

  1. Someone who is home most of the day. I'm good when left home alone, but I like it better when you are home too.
  2. Someone who will be committed to taking me for long walks EVERY DAY. They are the highlight of my day and good for me too.
  3. Someone who will love, love, love me. (I will return the favor and love you too!)
  4. Cat or dog? I have lived amicably with a cat in my former home, and I am very nice to Lacy, my Golden Retriever foster sister. She's really old and doesn't get in my face. That's the best kind of dog buddy. So, I could have another docile pet in my forever home, but I don't need one.
  5. A quiet household, probably no small children - not because I wouldn't be good with them, but I am not used to a lot of commotion. I have lived my whole life with seniors.

That's all for now. More news to come soon!


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