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  • Age: 19 years, 4 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased





Happy Spring to the Golden Seniors from Anonymous   Happy Spring to the Golden Seniors from Anonymous




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3/15/2015 Not required Age 10+ Optional No 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Trixie was surrendered to RAGOM as a casualty of an ended relationship. The boyfriend in the relationship was going to euthanize her if his ex-girlfriend couldn't find a new home for her. Thankfully the girlfriend came across RAGOM to help Trixie find a loving home for the remainder of her life.  Apparently, Trixie is 12 years old, but you would never know it! She looks more like she's 5! Trixie is UTD on shots, is spayed and weighs a healthy 65 pounds.  She has tested positive for Heart Worm, but you would never know she is sick by her positive attitude and happy go lucky personality.   

Our first night with Trixie was a bit interesting. She was very anxious after being in 3 homes within 1.5 weeks. She whined a lot and stood by the front door wanting out.  We had to leave our house that night for a few hours. When we came back the trim around the front door was bitten and tore off the wall. After that night, she has been perfectly fine and we haven't had any other damage since. 

Trixie has full roam of our house - though she doesn't like stairs so she sticks to the main level. Going up stairs is fine for her, but going down them is painful for her rear hips.  She definitely has some hip dysplasia, but since being on pain killers she is getting around much better. In fact, when we bring her on walks she wants to run like she's a young pup again! So we normally start out the walk with a few minutes of running/jogging and then she'll slow down to a walk.  She absolutely LOVES her walks.  Trixie likes to stop and smell the bushes in the neighborhood and if we'd let her, she'd chase after the squirrels and deer. Her fascination for squirrels indicates a strong prey drive, which is also evident with our cat, Kailee.  We don't know if she simply wants to play with Kailee or actually eat her. As soon as she sees Kailee she charges at her and will fixate on her when she's out of her reach - she does the same thing with squirrels. So it's best she goes to a home without cats. 

Her temporary foster had other dogs and cats around Trixie and said she did just fine.  Their cats would just swat her on the nose and Trixie would leave them alone - until the next day :)  My cat runs, which I think the running away makes her see her as prey. We haven't yet had an encounter with dogs yet, but she gets very excited when she sees them!

This 12 year old gal does really well alone in the house for 9 hours while we're at work. She is fully house trained and can go 9 hours before being let out. We think she just sleeps on her comfy bed all day. Though, when we get home from work she's normally staring out the front window wining to go out - I think she wants to play with the neighbors outside.  When she sees us she gets super thrilled and will start chatting up a storm.  I took a video of it which you can watch here  because it's just so adorable.  In the midst of all her excitement she buries her head in between our legs so that we'll pet her head and scratch her ears. You can see a video  of this too! Then she'll just plop down on her side and lift her legs in the air telling us she wants her belly rubbed.  She's a little lover and cuddler.  All she wants is to be right by your side being rubbed and snuggled. 

Trixie is an absolute sweetheart, but she does have a strong territorial presence and has shown some anxiety.  We had a neighbor boy and his dog stop over. Trixie peered at them through the crack in the door, growled and showed her teeth.  My Dad came over once to feed her and let her out, but as soon as she saw him enter the house (his first time meeting her) she growled at him and barred her teeth again.  She is definitely a good guard dog! 

She's also shown some fear or anxiety issues.  Trixie has a dog bed in our living room. The first couple of days that she laid on the bed she would growl at us if we got within 3 feet of her. That subsided once she began to trust us and she'd allow my husband to pet her while she was on it.  But one day I decided I wanted to try petting her while she was on it.  I slowly bent down, put my hand out by her nose and she nipped at it. She has done this a few times and only towards women. Another time was when a group of people (about 4 people) surrounded her to pet her. She clearly felt threatened and bit at one of the women. She's never actually made contact so it's clear she's just warning us to stay away. Trixie doesn't show any resource guarding towards her food, but she likes to have her bone all to herself. 

Trixie will begin her heart worm treatment next week, which entails a round of antibiotics for the first month.  The next 2 months will include injections to kill off the worms and during this time she can't exercise much. Thankfully, she sleeps the majority of the time so that won't be much of an issue. 

This old gal is just a mellow sweetheart that has a quirky personality that likes to chat with you and snuggle.  She will do best in a home that's calm with owners that have the time to give her lots of cuddles and belly rubs. She is also used to a home that she can run free in the backyard.  Though, if that's not possible she also thoroughly enjoys her walks too! 

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