About Us

Since 1985, RAGOM has rescued and rehomed more than 9,000 Golden Retrievers and Golden Retriever mixes. In 2017, RAGOM adopted a new name—Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest—to reflect our dedication to expand our rescue efforts from our original home state of Minnesota to include Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Wisconsin.

Our story

Our Story

RAGOM began as Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota with one homeless Golden Retriever in a shelter whose time was up.

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Our mission

Our Mission

RAGOM's mission is to rescue, foster, and find forever homes for Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes in need.

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RAGOM Board members

RAGOM Board Members

Our Board reflects our volunteer base: RAGOM veterans and newcomers, retirees and working professionals, all Golden lovers.

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Contact us

Contact Us

Reach out to RAGOM to check on your adoption application, surrender a dog, find a lost dog, volunteer, and more.

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Our Commitment to Accountable and Ethical Practices

RAGOM successfully completed a robust review with the Charities Review Council. Upon meeting all 27 of the Council's Accountability Standards, RAGOM was awarded the "Meets All Standards" seal, demonstrating our commitment to accountable and ethical practices. The Charities Review Council reviews a nonprofit organization’s performance in four critical areas: Public Disclosure, Governance, Financial Activity and Fundraising. The review works to ensure an organization’s operations, structure and policies meet widely accepted standards for accountability and transparency.