Behavior & Training

Behavior and training

A confident and well-behaved dog is a happy dog. And although this requires a good deal of patience and training, your efforts will benefit both your dog and your family. And like people, dogs can develop issues that must be addressed to live a fulfilling life. The resources below cover many common behavior and training needs.

Specific Behavior Issues

Aggression (AHS)

Dog to Dog Socialization (Canine Coach PDF 161KB)

Excessive Barking (AHS)

Separation Anxiety (AHS)

Storm and Noise Anxiety (AHS)

Submissive and Excitement Urination (AHS)

General Behavior Resources

Dog Behavior and Training Issues (Cattledog Publishing)

Dog Bite Prevention (Doggone Safe)

Eileen and Dogs

Fearful Dogs

Pet Behavior Library (AHS)

Why Dogs Bite and How They Warn Us (Doggone Safe)

Training Specifics

Crate Training (AHS)

Housetraining: A Survival Guide (AHS)

Introducing Dogs (AHS)

Introducing a Dog and Cat (AHS)

Managing Mouthing (AHS)

Socializing Your Dog (AHS)

General Training Resources

Animal Humane Society (AHS)—Dog Training Classes

The Canine Coach

Fresh Air Training

Patricia McConnell, PhD

Twin Cities Obedience Training Club