Clean Your Dog’s Ears Weekly to Prevent Ear Infections

Clean Your Dog’s Ears Weekly to Prevent Ear Infections

Help your dog become accustomed to this important grooming activity.

If you live with a Golden Retriever you’ve no doubt dealt with ear infections, which occur when those big Golden ears trap moisture in the inner ear. This causes bacteria and yeast growth, often indicated by a foul smell and dark buildup. Your veterinarian can determine if the problem is bacteria or yeast (or both) and prescribe treatment.

So what can you do to prevent ear infections? Clean and inspect your dog’s ears weekly, and after bathing, swimming, or rolling in a mud puddle or dirt. Ask your veterinarian to recommend an ear cleaning solution with a drying agent to keep your dog’s ears dry, clean, and healthy.

Some dogs enjoy having their ears cleaned. But many dogs—especially if their ears have never had proper care—need a slow and careful introduction to ear cleaning.

To help your dog become more comfortable with this essential grooming activity, watch this helpful video entitled Fear-Free Ear Cleaning (permission generously granted by #thankstomaddie).

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