At A Glance

  • Age: 13 years, 4 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 65.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


Miss Amber, from South Dakota, came into our foster care on Sunday, August 24th. Our first meeting was great. She is just a DOLL of a golden girl. Little Miss Amber rode home with us from another meeting place in South Dakota. She traveled ok but could sure tell she was nervous. Not much experience riding in vehicles. Amber definitely knows her name and responds very well. You just cannot help but love this little girl up! Wow what a doll.

Amber is a 6 year old PB female. Currently she is NOT spayed. She weighs 54# and is a petite little golden. She is NOT housetrained at this point. She has beautiful red hair with shiny golden highlights. Amber comes with a large cyst on her right front paw. She LOVES to play fetch, LOVES the fenced in back yard and is doing very well with 3 resident dogs and cats. This girl has the best personality!

Once Amber arrived to our home, she was relieved to be out of the vehicle (understandably) and has done very well with all of the other residents around here. Remember this is a girl who was always kept outside….she had inside shelter which was fine and also an indoor/outdoor run that was large. In one short day, she is getting the inside/outside potty thing fine so far. Wow. We have baby-gated her in a large area that has tile/carpet; she has her water dish and lots of blankies and toys to keep her company. Taking this into consideration, she is doing super. She slept very good her first night here, goes out potty with the rest of the troops and is fine. NO ACCIDENTS yet. Unbelievable. Amber is very smart and listens very good and really enjoys being inside I think! Amber stays around me and I feel is beginning to be ‘safe’ with me. We are trying to become “familiar” with ‘house’ noises and items. Doing laundry, getting ready for work….flushing toilets, etc. She has learned her ‘safe spot’ right off the bat….the large room (bathroom) with the baby-gate. If she is ‘not sure’ Amber goes right back to go into her ‘safe spot.’ How wonderful for her that she feels that.

Amber is acclimating to our home so very well in such a short time. She is such a sweet girl……a total love; a sweet gentle girl!

TODAY, Monday the 25th, we had our first vet check up. (8-25-08) Again, Amber is 54# and is petite. Amber did better riding in the vehicle today (just on back seat with a large blanket). I coaxed her in and she rode fine. Her major medical issue is a large (about golf ball-sized) cyst on her right front paw in-between her 4-5th toe, which has grown tremendously in the past 4 weeks or more. She is not limping. She will lick it. Amber was SOO good at the vet today! First, before we got there, the cyst burst a little so needed to pad/wrap it up before we left. She handled that pretty good……..She was not as nervous at the vet office as I would have thought and, fortunately it was not real busy either. Everyone who saw her cannot believe what a sweet beautiful girl she is. Amber’s medicals are: She is on a very strong antibiotic for toe growth; some gauze pads to control any bleeding; she is totally UTD and microchipped; frontline, HW negative; ear rinse/meds for dirty ears; there will be a repeat check in 10 days at which time vet will decide when to remove the cyst and at the same time spay her. We shaved a couple knots out from behind her ears, poked and checked and she is still wonderful and patient! Other than dry skin, her coat itself is nice. She has that nice curly rear end too! Considering all that she had to endure today, she is doing very good (laying here by me as I write). Tired but doing great.

Amber is eating fine and LOVES the water! When the foot is better, the baby pool is definitely coming out. Poor thing tried to ‘sit’ in the water dish outside! What a hoot. She has really liked walking around the fenced in back yard sniffing, checking and enjoying the beautiful weather. Such beautiful golden ‘tips’ on her. And that warm/kind/loving face………she is a real GEM and is going to make some VERY lucky family a great companion --- such a perfect size and a personality that is totally awesome.

I look forward to our vet re-check on her right front foot in 10 days and get the surgeries behind her. Once that lump/cyst is removed, spayed and a little teeth cleaning, she is going to be just about the BEST golden girl there is! (aren’t they all?) We are VERY fortunate and lucky to foster such a lovely, kind beauty of a golden girl. Look for more great updates on this beauty!


Amber and Rona...
what a face on this girl!

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