At A Glance

  • Age: 12 years, 1 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 60.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


November 2, 2012

Da “B” is in da house…..and da house is ROCKIN’!! Da “B” is da most handsomest dog EVER!!

Seriously tho…….”B’” is a dog worth giving a second look. He is gorgeous! He is the lighter blonde color with a bigger head and long ears that are as soft as a baby’s behind. BTW…..”B”s name was Baby, but he is such a manly guy it got shortened to just “B”.

“B” has had some training in his past as he knows (when he wants to) sit, down, shake, high five, and his special version of roll over (he doesn’t quite make the “over” part!) “B” does not jump up on people which is a very good thing! He is very food motivated, but has learned to wait until given the command to eat, he has also learned how to take treats nicely and not bite fingertips. J He crates willingly and doesn’t mind spending the day there while I’m at work.

“B” gets along with big dogs, little dogs, old and young cats. I do not have children so I can’t tell you how he does with them. However, due to his size and energy level, older children would be a requirement.

Now to explain some of “B”s requirements……even though he gets along with everything, he does have his moments, such as when he has a rawhide, or other high value item. He will growl and do a “mock” attack on anything coming into his space. If a cat strolls by while he has something he values, he will growl, bark and run them off. My dog savvy cats just stop, give him the look that says “dumb freakin dog” and continue on their way. He never makes contact, just asserts his authority. We are working on that behavior and it will be a work in progress for whoever adopts him. He does play keep away with high value items from his humans. He can turn his head away faster than any dog I have ever had in my house!!! This too, is a work in progress. He has learned to “trade” the item for a food treat. He also has learned that there is no petting or lovin’ of any kind unless he keeps his head still. “B” is smart and wants to please, he needs consistency and trust from his human to be the best he can be.

“B” does walk well on a leash, UNTIL, he sees a cat, dog, human, squirrel, bunny, etc. He rushes to the end of the leash and starts growling, barking, jumping and acting crazy. I have worked with a trainer in Omaha, and she said he appears anxious. He isn’t sure what that “thing” is going to do or which way it is going to go, so he tries to scare it off. Some of his behavior is also being somewhat protective of his human. He will need some serious work with your local trainer to become the big, calm loveable guy that we know he can be.

“B” will need a fenced yard!! He does like to explore and his recall needs a lot of work!!

Now, for “B”s last work in progress…..he does do some counter surfing if given the opportunity. Let me tell ya, he really enjoyed the caramel apple dip I left on the counter one night. I took a nap on the sofa so he tried his paw at dumpster diving too…..that was a onetime event (so far!)

“B” might be around two years old, but he is just a big loveable puppy!!! He is very devoted to his human, HAS to be in the bathroom with you, laying outside the door is not good enough! He is soooo worth the extra work he will need to be your best friend and companion. If he sounds like he would fit in to your household call your placement advisor and get hooked up with me so I can tell you all about da “B”!

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