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  • Age: 12 years, 7 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 90.00 lbs
  • Location: Lakeville, MN
  • Status: Deceased


Please join me in welcoming Bailey 15-059 back to RAGOM! Thank you Sandra, Jane, and Fred T. for transporting him! I was excited to have the opportunity to foster this amazing guy again. Bailey was returned to RAGOM because the adopter’s resident female golden and Bailey never really saw eye-to-eye. Bailey loves other dogs, is a total gentleman with dog introductions, likes to engage in play with dogs, and has been perfect living with my resident golden, but if he could talk, I think he would tell me that his preference may be as the only dog. He LOVES people and attention and spent his first 6 ½ yrs as the only dog.

Here was the original information on Bailey, with a couple of edits!

Meet 6 ½ yr old Bailey 15-059, otherwise known as “the golden retriever jackpot”. This guy is amazing! Bailey came from a very caring family who lovingly surrendered him in the hopes that he can find a family who has more time and space for him. He is gorgeous, fun, playful, well behaved, cuddly, gentle, and so much more! Here are some important details on Bailey:

  • LOVES people. There doesn’t seem to be a stranger in Bailey’s world. He gets really excited to meet new people, and instead of jumping up on them, he is a good boy and only hops on his front two paws in excited anticipation of human attention. It is SUPER cute.
  • I am convinced that this dog’s joy and happiness upon people arriving home can cure just about anything.
  • He’s big (90 pounds), gorgeous, and has a beautiful red coat.
  • Great with kids. Lived with three young children (under the age of five) for most of his life, and was extremely gentle and loving. He loves hanging out and playing with my 12 year old niece too.
  • Gets along well with dogs. He has enjoyed the company of our golden while staying with us, met other dogs on walks beautifully, spent time with my sister’s lab, and has had a blast at doggy day care with loads of other dogs too.
  • He is not crate trained and does not have separation anxiety. He has been left with free roam in my house during workdays without incident. He also had free roam in his surrendering owners home with no issues either.
  • No resource or food guarding
  • Walks like a charm on a leash.
  • Bailey was a pretty big hit with staff at the Vet clinic. Overall, he is a healthy guy with a couple of issues to note: He has some minor allergy issues (occasional left ear infection and a little bit of skin dandruff). I started him on some fish oil to see if that helps with the dandruff, and a grain free dog food will be needed for this guy too. It was noted as a puppy that Bailey had hip dysplasia, and his surrendering owners lovingly paid for TPO surgery to be done on both the right and left side when he was around 1. He now has bionic hips! Lastly, Bailey needs to lose about 10 pounds (but don’t we all?!?!)
  • He has this funny quirk where he will try to put his head between your legs if you are standing up, so that you rub his hind end. He also likes to push his rear end on you. He can’t get enough butt scratches.
  • Sleeps on a dog bed that is right next to our bed.
  • Gives great signs if he needs to go outside (stares at you, lets out a little whimper, walks towards door)
  • Is great with commands—sit, laydown, shake, stay
  • It is reported that Bailey has storm anxiety (loud noises in general). When this happens, he will shake and hide.
  • Rides beautifully in the car
  • Loves to look out windows
  • Likes to play with toys or hold them in his mouth when he is excited
  • Seems like he would do fine with a cat. When he was introduced to a cat, he seemed only slightly interested and responded to the cat’s cues right away when the cat was saying "I am NOT interested in hanging out together". J

What does Bailey need in a home?

  • A home with or without kids. He would do great with either.
  • Being the only dog would be preferred. If he lives with other dogs, he would need to be alpha.
  • A home that is committed to helping Bailey take off some extra weight through diet and exercise
  • A home where he is able to sleep near/with his people—he adores being with people
  • Bailey seems to have good recall and does well staying close, but I do think a fence would be important so he can roam and play safely outside
  • A home where butt scratches and snuggles are part of the daily routine. This guy loves attention. J

Bailey is a really easy and fun-loving golden. If you are interested in meeting Bailey, I know he would be thrilled to meet you too! Please let your placement advisor know.





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