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  • Age: 17 years, 8 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


6/3/06: Meet Blondie!!

Blondie arrived late Friday night with a large caravan of dogs from Mississippi. There are still SO many dogs needing assistance from the hurricanes last year, and RAGOM got a call asking if would could help a few. We were more than happy to do what we do best - find great homes for these homeless pups!

Blondie is a Golden mix who is very petite, she weighed in at 54 pounds today during her veterinary visit. She had a family in Mississippi who thought that Blondie deserved more than they could give her. I am sure they were sad to see her go, but truly thought it was in her best interest to find a family that could provide her with the best of everything! Her coat is a bit on the wiry side, I am not sure if that's due to her heritage (we're not sure what she is mixed with) or poor nutrition, which can sometimes make the coat brittle. Her name is a very good description of her coloring and I must say, a sweeter pup could not be found!! She leans into you for pets and attention, and will sit still as long as you are willing to lavish your love on her! On the other hand, if you are looking for some playtime, Blondie is your gal! She is always ready for a run around the yard or a game of keep away with the tennis ball. She drops the ball nicely in your hand, but first you have to catch her! Good luck with that!! She walks wonderfully with the Gentle Leader, and only pulls mildly on a flat collar. She is a real doll!

The vet estimated her age around one, maybe a little older, but not any older than 2 years old. The vet also said she appears to be in good health, but we will wait to celebrate until we get that negative heartworm test back!

The unfortunate part of Blondie's arrival is that I was only able to keep her overnight due to the fact that she most definitely thinks my kitties should be her next meal!! My cats, needless to say, were not thrilled with that idea. Luckily, Blondie has found a temporary foster home for a few weeks :)

If Blondie were to place a singles ad looking for a new forever family, it would probably go something like this... "Blonde bombshell with a need for speed seeks perfect family. Must love long walks, playing ball, and a good game of chase every now and then." She will most likely need a family without cats and although she took a bit of time to warm up to our resident Golden, they became play buddies eventually, so another dog in the house would be good - but probably not necessary.

If you think that Blondie may fit into your home and you're an approved applicant, email [email protected]. If you haven't applied yet, get that application in so that we can get this adorable gal into your home!

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