At A Glance

  • Age: 7 years, 10 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Hi there RAGOM fans!  I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Blossom and I am around 15 weeks old and just the cutest little girl!  Until August 6th I lived in a puppy mill in MO and then the man that ran it got in trouble and they took me and over 400 other dogs to an auction.  Some nice people who are RAGOM volunteers bought me and my other Golden friends to make sure I would never have to be in a puppy mill again.  We drove from MO to MN after the auction and then more nice people met all of us and we got to go to our foster homes. I now live in New Ulm, MN.   I had no idea life could be so good!  I used to live in a crate and now I have a house and people who kiss me and feed me and play with me!  I also have three big brothers who have four legs and one of them looks like me only 60 lbs bigger!  I love to play with him and snuggle!  

On August 8th I went to a place they called a Vet clinic.  It smelled funny there but I met new friends and everyone loved me!  My doctor gave me two shots, Distemper and Rabies and put some stuff in my little mouth for Bordetella.  I also got heartworm and flea and tick meds. I was so good and my Doc loved me!  My foster mommy and Doc talked for so long I took a little nap on the exam table!  On August 23rd I will go to my Doc again and they're going to spay me.  I don't exactly know what that is but I'm in a safe place now and I'm sure it will be okay.We are working on getting me potty trained.  My foster mom and dad take me outside like a zillion times a day and I go potty and then they say "Good Blossom".  Sometimes I have accidents in the house but I'm just a baby and there's so much for me to learn.  When my foster mom and dad have to go somewhere I have a large wire kennel with a soft bed in it.  I don't mind going in my kennel and that's where I sleep at night in my fosters' bedroom.  I cry and wake them up if I have to go outside during the night because I DO NOT mess in my kennel!  Today I slept without going outside until 6am but then I told my mommy I had to go outside.There's a few things I would like to tell you about myself.1.  I love other dogs and children.2.  I have not yet met animals they call cats.3.  I have a fenced in area but I could go out on a leash.4.  I love to go for walks and walk very nice.5.  I love to go bye bye in the car.6.  I love to play with toys!7.  I love to snuggle and am very good at it!8.  I love my food and eat every single morsel!9.  I love life!If you're looking for the cutest puppy ever who will love you, that would be me!  My foster mom and dad always tell me I'm a sweetheart and very smart.  My puppy eyes are getting tired and I think I need a nap.  I will talk to you soon!Love,BlossomBlossom16172c2.jpgBlossom16172c1.jpg           Blossom16172c3.jpg
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