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  • Age: 11 years, 6 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 50.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Age 10+
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Wow! It's been quite a trip getting here. I've been hanging out at the Humane Society of Sullivan County, Indiana, since January. Nice place, nice people, but I was looking for something more permanent. So, my friend, Miranda, called RAGOM. They said I was just the dog for them. Then, things really started moving. They found a foster home in Minnesota for me, but that was over 600 miles away. I was in no condition for a long, scary ride in the car. Miranda called in help - Pilots N Paws . They have volunteer pilots who fly dogs like us all over the country. Aren't they wonderful?! Anyway, two of them said they would split the ride between their two planes and things were set in motion. Only one problem, the weather. I waited three weeks more. Finally, it was a go!

Miranda wanted me to feel safe, so she wrapped me in a Thundershirt. Have you ever been wrapped in one? It's g-r-r-r-eat!. I felt so good, I made my own way into the car, into the plane, into the crate, and into the air towards my new life in Minnesota. Epic!

Oops. I almost forgot to tell you about my rides there. First came Ali, a really nice pilot who picked me up from the Sullivan airport, along with his friend. A television crew was there, too. Can you imagine ME on TV?? I was pretty nervous.

Take a look at my TV debut: K5zSALqfZkSml_vvYBnLkA

Finally, Miranda waved goodbye and I was lifted into the plane and into my new crate. Ali stopped in Rockford, IL, and then pilot Dave took me into his plane. Sweet. His daughter, Jessica, came along to keep me company, but I slept most of the way. Next stop, the Anoka County Airport in Blaine. (See Dave's plane in picture below.)

Here's a picture of Dave, Jessica, and my new foster mom and dad, Judy & Mike. And did I tell you that I now have a foster sister - Ginger [Pilot Dave (on the left) is holding her]. You can't see much of me, because I was a little nervous and hid under the bench.

Well, anyway, I'm home in Fridley now. It's a nice house, but I don't much like the wood floors. FM started to cover them with rugs, but there are still places I can't force myself to go. I do the stairs from the outside deck because it leads to my new fenced-in yard that I share with Ginger. There's so much snow here, but Ginger and I love to play in it.

Two days after I came here, I went in the car (LOVED the ride) for a visit with the vet, a really cool lady doc who checked me out real good. She found a problem with worms, but now I take meds and things are getting better. I even get to eat canned food with the powdered meds, so life is good! My shots are all up-to-date and I'm neutered (ouch), and there's even a microchip somewhere inside of me in case I get lost. But I don't plan on that. I stay close to home. We went for two walks on a leash and I guess I was a little squirmy, but FM keeps me on the straight and narrow. Ginger walks like a princess. :-)

At first, I was a little frightened of my FD, but he sits on the floor next to me and I think we'll soon be pals. Good thing I'm not camera shy because he's always taking pictures of me. Like this one:

Well, I've rambled on too long. Time for my nap. I'll be telling you more about my adventures later, so check in again soon, okay?


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