Braydon 18-182A

Braydon 18-182ABraydon 18-182A


Braydon is a young male Goldendoodle who moved from a commercial breeder, to an auction, to the warm home of a RAGOM foster family. He gets along great with our two resident dogs. He walks nicely on a leash. He needs a family of his own who will continue to help him overcome his fears from his former life and reach his full potential as a beloved pet and family member.

At a Glance #18-182A

Goldendoodle Born: January 2017
Male 52 lbs

Status: Adopted


Braydon is a young male Goldendoodle who moved from a commercial breeder, to an auction, to the warm home of a RAGOM foster family. He gets along great with our two resident dogs. He walks nicely on a leash. He needs a family of his own who will continue to help him overcome his fears from his former life and reach his full potential as a beloved pet and family member.


Saturday, March 2, 2019

Braydon has found his forever family and left "the cities" for South Dakota where he will be loved and spoiled. His new family consists of Julie and Gary Z. and a fur sister named Benny.

Braydon is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known, so our hearts are sad but are also happy he has a loving forever home.

Braydon 18-182A

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Braydon has settled in nicely in our home. He catches on quickly to routines and follows the other dogs. When I turn the TV off at night, that's his signal to go into his crate where he sleeps quietly all night. I didn't teach him that, he figured it out—she turns off the TV, it must be bedtime.

He loves to walk, even in this cold weather. We use a Gentle Leader harness and when I take it off the hook, he sits down in front of me and waits for me to put it on him.  

Ninety percent of the time he is a well-behaved dog, but he is just too tempted if food is on the counter, so everything is put out of reach.  

If you are interested in a sweet, people-oriented Goldendoodle, he just might be the right dog for your home and family.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Hi everyone! Braydon here. I am still looking for my forever family. Foster mom loves me, so you'd better be quick or she will have three RAGOM rescued dogs! 

I met lots of people here last month and greeted everyone politely, both men and women. I will greet you with a smile and a huff huff sound. It's really cute. Hadley is my constant companion, so in my forever home another dog would be great. I will be 2 years old on January 15th... party time!

There are no small kids here, but I like my 12-year-old neighbor very much. Things are going well here, but... I really want a forever home! Could it be yours?

Monday, December 31, 2018

Braydon came to us about three weeks ago and quickly became loved by canines and humans alike. He is a smart happy dog who wants to please. He learned "sit" and plops his cute butt down at the first hint of a treat.

Braydon hasn't urinated in the house for two weeks (I am granting him a waiver for the first few days here, getting acquainted and oriented). At this time, I feel he needs to go to a home where the applicant is home more during the day than not so he can be let out every few hours, as he still is being house trained. 

Many visitors over the holidays didn't phase him at all as he greeted men and women with his usual friendliness. When told "crate" he scoots right in. Sleeps all night, no whining. Pretty much a very good dog. But watch the counters and appetizers on the coffee table—those have proven to be too tempting!

I have not had a chance to introduce him to small children or cats. While he is gentle, he is a tall dog and might intimidate a small child. His birthday is January 15, when he will be 2 years old. He is ready for his forever home and will make a great companion.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Hello everyone, Braydon here in my new foster home. There are two fur girls to play and snuggle with all day. We sleep all night so we are READY to go in the morning.

I go on walks with Foster Mom daily and guess what?! I walk better than the girls—I don't pull on the leash at all!

I like to eat, but I got in trouble for chewing inappropriate items like an elf and some Christmas ornaments. I also surf the counter if something smells really good. Last evening Foster Mom thought I'd  be OK with the slip lead on and next to her, but I chewed through the leash without making a sound. Whoops!

Foster Mom here: All in all, Braydon is a sweet, calm dog. He had two potty accidents the first few days here, but now is doing well. Because he is taller than our mature Goldens we forget he is still a puppy and requires close supervision.

He will see the vet tomorrow and will then be up to date on vaccinations and ready to learn about  some potential forever families.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Good Morning RAGOM lovers, Braydon here. I wanted to tell you all about a new experience I had the other day—I got a major new look at the groomer! Check out my pictures! Don't I look so clean, white, soft and beautiful?!

I know I look like a Poodle right now, but I plan to grow my hair out a bit so I look more like a Doodle. Foster Mom told me they had to shave me because my fur was what they call "matted," whatever that means. I thought it was a pretty warm coat, but I feel so light and airy now!

FM told me I was a good boy at the groomer. It was my first time and I was a bit scared and hung by Foster Mom's legs at first, but I did my best to be brave and it ended up being okay. 

Now Foster Mom can see when I "smile." When I'm excited I like to show my teeth, but it's only because I'm so happy! Foster Mom gave me weird looks when I first smiled at her. I think she thought I was showing my teeth at my foster sibs, but I reassured her that I was only smiling and a happy boy.

I sure am glad I am in this place called RAGOM—I get tastes of people food (it's delicious!!) and even get to help Foster Mom do dishes! I have learned that I actually love my crate, and whenever Foster Mom says "crate," I happily go in. It's my own little home! If I get scared, I like to go to my crate, it's just plain comforting. 

I am working on learning some basic commands like "sit" and a release word, which is "okay." It's a work in progress and I get confused and flustered sometimes, but FM is patient with me. And I get these yummy training treats that I take very gently—I don't want to accidentally bite Foster Mom's fingers. 

There have been a few visitors here—my foster grandma and foster grandpa have come to visit. It was a little surprising, because I'm used to it being just us, but it turns out new people are nice and give me treats. I loved Foster Mom's friend when she stayed over. She always gave me pets when I went up to her—isn't that great? 

I have one more story to tell you. But shh, keep it a secret. Once, when Foster Mom went on a quick 10-minute errand and let me stay out of my crate, my foster sister got into the garbage (she's so smart) and pulled out some yummy stuff. I couldn't resist helping her eat some leftover food, and tear apart some trash with food on it.

But then Foster Mom came home and was upset. I guess it's not safe for me to get into the trash—she said there could be dangerous stuff in there, which I didn't know. Lesson learned I guess! I felt bad, but Foster Mom forgave me so all is good at home. 

I hope I find a home soon, I'd love a family to call my own!

Some things Braydon will need in his forever home: 

  • A confident medium to large dog so he can take cues and learn from them. He'd do best with a young, playful dog. He enjoys playing and running around with his foster siblings. 
  • Kids over 10. He's still skittish when fast movements are made, so even if he goes to a home with kids 10+, it'll have to be a pretty relaxed home. He gets nervous in areas of the house that he feels cramped in, and darts around.
  • He also tries to get out the door when it's opened. He's not super pushy, but his forever home will need to be conscious of this. 
  • Fenced yard. He has pretty good recall, and listens well, but because he's a breeder dog, he'll require a fenced yard for his own safety. He doesn't bark when he's outside, unless the other dogs start it. 
  • Patience and positive reinforcement. He's really grown since being here. He's become comfortable jumping up when he gets excited (but listens when told "no") and smiles whenever he is let out of his crate—it's pretty funny! He's learned his crate is a good place, and includes treats!
  • He's sensitive to tone of voice, so if a deep or stern voice is used, he can get nervous. He needs positive reinforcement and lots of exposure to new situations so he can learn that his new life isn't so scary.
  • He's still having accidents in the house every so often. I haven't learned his tell sign to go out, so I keep a close eye on him when he's out of the crate and make sure he's in the same room as I am. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hello, people of the world! My name's Braydon! I had to change foster homes so my previous foster mom could take another dog—I decided that was okay, because I want other dogs to live the Golden(doodle) Life like I am!

Braydon 18-182A

I am pretty settled into my new foster home, and love to follow my foster brother and sister around so I know what to do! I enjoy playing with my foster brother; my favorite is playing bitey face and rolling around with him.

My foster sister is the boss of the house (I was told women rule the world, I guess that's true...) and makes sure our yard stays squirrel-free. It's fun to help her patrol the yard, running around and sniffing everything.

Braydon 18-182A

When I first arrived and followed my foster sibs out through the sliding door and down the deck into the yard, I was pretty confused about how to get back into the house. They had to run out and help me figure it out, but I got it—Foster Mom tells me I'm a fast learner. I like that my foster sibs help me learn how to do things, like jump into the backseat of the car or beg for food.

Braydon 18-182A

Another thing I've learned is when Foster Mom lets us in the house from the yard, I have to wait until she wipes my paws off. She's kind of a clean freak if you ask me, but I happily comply with that because she gives me yummy food every day—it's a pretty good deal if you ask me!

I usually follow her around to see what she's up to, and like to lay near her when she's on this thing called a computer. I check in with her every now and then by gently putting my nose on her hand—she even gives me love, pets, and kisses!

Braydon 18-182A

When I fist got here and was checking out the house, I found some resident bunnies that live in the house as well. COOL, right?! I tried to play with them by play bowing and barking at them in their cage, but they didn't seem interested so I check on them everyday just in case they change their mind.

Foster Mom said it was "so cute"—I think that's a good thing! I like to lay outside the bunnies' room and quietly watch them. I cuddled with the cats in my previous foster home, but I guess bunnies don't like doing that as much. Oh well! 

I better go now, Foster Mom picked up my food dish, which means I get dinner!! I'll check back with you all very soon!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Braydon is a sweet, young Goldendoodle that had a less than illustrious beginning. He started out in a breeding situation and was then taken to an auction. RAGOM stepped in and turned his life around by giving him a warm, soft bed and a foster family to help him find his forever home. 

Braydon is his official name, but more often than not he’s Mr. Curly or Rossi (have you ever seen Bob Ross’s hair?). He will turn two in January and looks more Poodle-like than most Goldendoodles. He is usually an English Cream color unless he’s been outside playing in the mud with my gang of five Goldens, and in that case he turns anything from gray to brown.

Braydon needs another confident dog in his forever home who will help show him that being part of a family is a good thing. He is more socialized than some dogs with his background but he still has a ways to go to reach his full potential.

He is really starting to come out of his shell, comes to us for pets and snuggles, and has even started to take treats from my hand. He is still fearful of loud noises and fast movements.

He does not like car rides, so lifting him in is currently required, but once he’s in he settles nicely. He loves to play with the other dogs, and adores our three cats and one kitten. Yes, it’s a zoo at our house!

But I don’t want to get up....

When Braydon first arrived he had worms and bilateral ear infections. Since he’s been here he has been brought up to date on all his vaccines, microchipped, and neutered. No more yucky worms nor yucky ears either now. I am hoping to get him to a groomer soon though to help get some of the hair out of his eyes.

He was pretty skinny at first and has put on a couple pounds and currently weighs in at 52 pounds, which is a good weight for him. He did mark in the house a few times but the Dr. Snippit helped with that.

He is pretty much potty trained with a rare accident if we forget to let him out before bedtime. He does do some counter surfing, which we are trying to curb. 

Braydon loves to run and play. He absolutely loves to run in our back yard and will require a physical fence in his forever home. We live in the country and the dogs run and play in the yard a LOT, so we don’t do many official walks.

I’m sooooo tired!!

Braydon does ok with a martingale collar and leash, but needs some practice to walk nicely. He has discovered that if dog beds are comfy, so is the couch. He has jumped up onto the bed once or twice when invited, but I think he startled himself doing it that he jumped down as soon as he was up.

Braydon warms up slowly to people and is learning that good things come from people, including belly rubs and treats!