At A Glance

  • Age: 9 years, 7 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 75.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


A super sweet boy named Buddy joined the RAGOM family and oh boy, is he ever a Super Sweet Boy! Buddy was surrendered to an area humane society and was limping. The humane society was told he had been hit by a car and they called RAGOM and asked if they could help. Buddy was a very lucky boy as his injuries were not severe. He had a torn left rear foot pad, which is completely healed now, and some bumps and bruises. Since arriving to our home, we've had Buddy to the vet for a total checkup. He's been brought up-to-date on all his shots, microchipped, and had his left foot looked at again. The vet recommended 1 to 2 weeks of restricted playtime. He could go for walks as long as it was on level ground such as pavement. Buddy also had hookworm - the poor guy had an allergic reaction to his dewormer. From the evening I saw the first spot (he was licking on his back) till the time he went to the vet the next day, the reaction had spread from his tail bone up to the back of his head. He had what is called a cutaneous drug eruption - meaning a reaction to a drug. He started a series of antibiotics, prednisone, and Benadryl. He has another week of prednisone and he'll be "drug-free." :-) Buddy weighs 62 lbs and should be between 70 and 75 lbs. We're working on getting his weight up with extra feedings and treats. This is a challenge since Buddy is not food-motivated, treat-motivated, nor human food-motivated. I've offered him people food and he's just not sure if he should accept it. He does love cheese and bread, so tonight, treats were beans with melted cheese. His coat was not in the best of shape, but with good nutrition, it's getting much softer and it's growing out. He'll have the most fabulous Golden mane once his hair is all grown in again. In his previous home, he must have had a meal in the later evening (9 pm), so we do give him a cup of food at that time.

Buddy has not been neutered yet (will be prior to adoption) and he behaves like a perfect gentleman around our resident dog, Annie. Buddy loves tennis balls and stuffed toys. Since he was on restricted playtime, I had to come up with a game I could play with him that involved a tennis ball. Catch won and he loves to play it. The stuffed toys started to be destuffed, so I just put them away for now. Buddy does love to chew on elk antlers, Nylabones, and tennis balls.


We take Buddy on a morning walk, an evening walk, and a few walks during the daytime. Buddy walks beautifully on a leash. No Gentle Leader is needed. Most times he's close to my side or just a little ways ahead of me. During his walks with me, he'll look to me with a huge smile on his face, almost like he's telling me, "Hey, this is fun." Sometimes he'll stop me while we're walking to just get some loving. We cuddle for a while and then I'll say, "Lets walk," and he continues on his walk. Buddy doesn't like to poop in the yard, but does his job on his walks. I'm home during the day, so a few afternoon walks are a good break from playing catch, chewing on a tennis ball, and watching squirrels. Buddy is a lover - he loves his people and becomes attached very quickly to his family members. He will lay and watch me while I cook, clean, do the laundry, and whatever chore I'm doing. He's a homemaker's helper and companion. Buddy loves to be talked to and in his forever home, he'll enjoy having a family member that loves to talk to dogs. He does like to sleep in bed with us until he gets too warm, and then he'll move down to the floor next to our bed. If we ask him to get down, he will do so. Morning time, he enjoys cuddle time in bed with you before starting your day. Buddy also likes to sleep on the couch. We do allow our dogs on furniture and for Buddy, I believe his forever home needs to be one that will allow him the luxury of laying on a couch, chair, or bed. He's just learning that sleeping on a dog bed is okay and he's been trying out all 4 dog beds in our home. Buddy knows "down," "no," "sit," "lay down," and "come." If you say his name, he'll stop what he's doing to see if you want something. He'll even stop eating. So we don't say his name while he's eating - he's a slow eater and lays down when he eats and sometimes when he drinks. Because he kinda slobbers in his bowl while he eats, he sometimes can't get the pieces of food stuck on the bottom of his bowl and he'll leave it and walk away. I just empty it onto the floor and he finishes it up. Buddy does like you to tell him he can eat and that he's a good boy when he starts eating. If I don't, he'll look to me till I say, "Good boy, Buddy." Buddy would do great at obedience class - he loves to learn new games and please his people.


Buddy has really springy legs and he can jump/climb a 6-ft fence. Yep, a 6-foot fence. :-) Scared the heck out of me when he did it, but Buddy didn't run after he jumped the fence. When I went running into the front yard, he was standing there just looking and when I called him, he came right to me. He also went over a 4-ft fence when at his temporary foster's home. There too, he was just waiting on the other side of the fence. Since the one incident of his going over our fence, he has not tried it again, nor did he try it again at his temporary foster's home. Fences can give a person a false sense of security with their dogs, but a fence isn't 100% safe for any dog. If a dog wants something bad enough, he or she will find a way out. I have Buddy on a long rope when in our yard and I'm always with him. The rope is for me to be able to catch him if he were to take a running jump at the fence, but as I mentioned, he's shown no interest in doing so. Not even for the squirrels that keep running along our fence. Buddy will need a family that will go out with him in the yard even if it's fenced or if you use a tie-out. Buddy jumped our fence when his RAGOM transporter left our home. I believe Buddy is a dog that's been left a lot in different places and he thought he was being left again. Buddy spent hours in the car with his RAGOM transporter and then the transporter spent a few hours with Buddy and us in our home. Buddy had bonded with his RAGOM transporter and thought he belonged with him. Because Buddy bonds quickly with his humans, he'll adjust quickly in his forever home. I would love to see Buddy have a fenced-in yard solely for the purpose of his love of retrieving/playing fetch/running and to stretch his legs when outside with you. Buddy loves to run during playtime and a tie-out wouldn't provide him with that.

Buddy has the right kind of energy - not too much and not too little. He will nicely snuggle with you on the couch while you're watching a movie, lay by your feet while you're on the computer, walk with you when you feel like going for a walk, and is always up for a game of catch/fetch. Buddy loves to play fetch!! Buddy lives to please his family, be with his family, love his family, and be loved by his family. Buddy knows how to give the Golden paw, does the Golden lean, and is an expert on giving the Golden nudge. Because he likes to give a strong Golden nudge and will stand up in front of you only when super excited (just tell him "down" and he gets down immediately and snuggles his head into your leg), I think he would be better in a home with children 8 years old and up. I am working on calming the Golden nudge and now when I tell him "no," he's laying his head on my hand vs nudging me. Buddy doesn't need another dog in his home if his family is home more then not. He does like the companionship of our resident dog and will follow her around, but he is not a dog that plays with other dogs. Buddy's personality is Happy, Happy, and Happy when he's with his family.



I believe the perfect forever home for Buddy is a home where his human family member is home more than not. A family that enjoys walking, playing fetch, talking all day to your dog, or a family where someone works part time. I've left Buddy home alone with our resident dog for a few hours and he does just fine, but his love for people is so great that I feel he would enjoy his life more if you could share your day with him. Buddy does not get along with male dogs, so he can only live in a home with a female dog. Some of this could be because he's not been neutered yet, but for now he's a "female-only" dog.


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