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  • Age: 19 years, 10 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 113.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted



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Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
4/10/15 Optional
Yes Optional
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Buddy is a neutered Golden Retriever and Blonde Lab mix who will celebrate his 13th birthday on October 1st . This boy is as sweet as they come! It's so sad when a dog is orphaned in the twilight of their life, but even sadder when it's because their owner was hospitalized and subsequently went to a long term care facility. Poor Buddy suddenly found himself in a shelter...sad, confused and missing his owner. I tell Buddy every day that his special person is being taken care of by a team of wonderful caregivers while RAGOM's team takes care of him, and he'll find another loving family very soon :)

Last Saturday, Buddy started limping after retrieving a few tennis balls, which quickly escalated to putting no weight at all on his right rear leg. Luckily we already had his wellness exam scheduled for Monday. Dr G determined that Buddy had an old partial ACL tear and had aggravated it while chasing those tennis balls. So...no more running for Buddy...only leash walks from now on. This will probably make his weight loss program (and mine!) take a bit longer. Buddy weighed in at 114 lbs and needs to lose 14 lbs. There will be no discussion as to how many lbs FM needs to lose. I'm happy to report that after just one day of being put on pain meds, Buddy once again has four on the floor (with a bit of a hitch in his giddyup)!

Buddy's blood work showed that he is in excellent health. In fact, Dr G said his results were "remarkable" for his age and his teeth are in great shape for a 12 year old! He has one canine with a dead root, but since it doesn't bother him there is no need for a root canal. He also has 3 lumps that Dr G checked and is not concerned about, so all in all we have wonderful news from the vet. We're just waiting for the fecal results to come back and hopefully Buddy will be a perfect 10!

Buddy has settled into his foster home like he's always lived here. He's such an easy foster I sometimes forget he's around! On his first day, he claimed the love seat as his own. It's a perfect spot to keep watch over his new neighborhood or take a snooze when there's no action out front. I don't normally encourage our fosters to get up on the furniture, but how do you say no to a 12 year old's big brown eyes??


This big guy is such a love that even The Cat, who prides himself in putting dogs in their place, has yet to find a reason to let Buddy know who is king of our jungle. Based on this, I would say Buddy is definitely cat friendly and cat approved. He reportedly gets along well with other dogs (we'll put that to the test this weekend) and totally loves all humans no matter what their age. He does have a super strong tail that he wags with gusto, therefore his new home should have kids who are 10 or older...only because a smaller child wouldn't stand a chance against his happy tail :) Other than that, Buddy would do well in most any home, as long as you're not looking for a jogging partner or Frisbee catcher, or have a resident dog who's hoping for a new brother to play with. Remember, leash walks only. He would be in his element laying next to you while you watch TV or read a book... or laying in the shade outdoors... at his age he's earned the right to be a couch potato!

If you would like to meet this handsome 114 lb hunk of love, he'll be at Chuck and Don's in Edina this Saturday from 12-2pm . Hope to see you there!

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