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  • Age: 9 years, 10 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 90.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


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 Ages 5+
 Not tested
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Hi, RAGOM! Meet Buddy!

Buddy is a stunning 2-year-old male Golden Retriever. He is about 75 pounds and has a gorgeous blonde coat and is truly a companion dog who thoroughly enjoys people.

Buddy was a house dog with his first family, living with children ages 3 and 8. His loving family surrendered him to RAGOM due to health issues within the family. He got along great with the children; however, he still has puppy characteristics and doesn’t know his size and strength and occasionally would knock over the 3-year-old. For this reason, he needs to go to a home with children 5 or older. Buddy was never crated, so he had free roam of the house. Buddy has basic obedience and walks great on a leash. He knows "sit," "down," "mine," and "off." Buddy’s love from his first family is evident by his loving, easy-going personality. Buddy’s love for people will make Buddy a great addition and friend to his forever family.

Buddy settled into his foster home quickly and immediately created a bond with the resident dog, an 18-month-old Lab. The two of them enjoy playing and chasing each other around, then when they are tired, they take naps right next to each other. Buddy has a lot of energy and he would love to find a forever home with another playful dog, or a family with a lifestyle that can accommodate his high energy and keep him engaged in activities.

Buddy is in his crate during the day when his foster mom and dad are at work. Either his foster mom or dad comes home over lunch, so he is in the crate for 4 hours before a bathroom break. When his foster parents are home, he has free roam of the house. His foster parents are confident in saying he is housebroken because he has not had any accidents within the home and he informs them when he needs to go out by standing by the door and barking. With his foster mom and dad, he enjoys walks every day. The walks help with his high energy and allow him to meet other dogs and people. He is a great walker with his Gentle Leader.

Buddy had his vet appointment and the staff loved him. The vet said his weight was great and he is now up-to-date on his vaccines. He does have whipworms and a double ear infection. Whipworms are a common intestinal parasite for dogs. The vet said neither of these are an issue and both will be corrected with the medicine he is currently taking. He is being treated now for the whipworms and will need another round in three months to make sure the worms are all gone. The medicine he will need to treat the whipworms will go home with him and his forever family. Buddy was neutered on February 27th, so he is resting and recovering from surgery.

There are many things we love about Buddy. First, his excitement to see you when you get home is the best part to end a workday; he will let out a squeak to tell you he is excited to see you. He is eager to see you and is attached to your hip. Buddy is curious and adventurous; he is very eager to explore new sounds and smells. Buddy is a wonderful companion who will cuddle with anyone willing to sit with him; he can’t get enough of the people around him! Another one of Buddy’s great traits is that he will let you know when anyone is at the front door with a few loud barks. Buddy also likes to know where everyone is in the house, and will periodically check all of the rooms to make sure everyone is safe. Finally, he loves new toys or bones and does his best to thank you by coming to you and showing the toy or bone to you several times before playing with it or chewing on it.

Some of the things we are working on include not barking at people or other dogs who are not at the front door. When he notices people or dogs outside, he will bark and not always come when you call him because he is focused on the other dog or person. Buddy gets overly excited when meeting new people, and will jump up to greet them. We are teaching Buddy that he should stay on the floor when meeting new people, but he should be held or closely watched when meeting children and anyone with poor balance. Buddy is a very polite boy who loves food or anyone with food. We are teaching Buddy not to beg, and that he should not expect food anytime someone is eating. Anytime food is made in the kitchen, Buddy believes it is for him and he barks non-stop. Lastly, we are working on releasing toys or trading for something he should not have. He does know “mine,” but does not always give the object up if it is something he should not have.

Please contact your placement advisor if you are interested in Buddy. Buddy is an amazing dog that will make a family very happy and loved. He is available to meet his forever family early March after he finishes his recovery from neuter surgery. Thank you for reading about Buddy and we know he would love to meet you!

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