At A Glance

  • Age: 12 years
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 65.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


Buddy the Wonder Dog has entered our home as of yesterday afternoon. This little 6 month old has thick, soft fur, with a curly little butt and light colored fur - very handsome little heart-breaker.  Buddy is in great health as far as we know - no known issues or problems at this point.  He goes to be vetted tomorrow morning to get up to date on puppy shots.  Buddy is a happy, friendly guy, with lots of puppy energy that is both endearing and hilarious to watch. He loves to play fetch, I mean, this boy has found his purpose in life and it involves chasing toys and getting his person to throw toys and chewing on toys and basically anything a dog could do with toys.

Buddy had a good ride from Sioux Falls, (Thanks Jon H.!), and ended up in Willmar without any problems in the car.  Buddy spent his first afternoon with us at work - our dog-friendly studio was a great place for Buddy to get to know us before heading home to meet the resident goldens.

Buddy has a great personality - lively and spirited as can be, and smart, too! He already knows "sit" and is very good at it, and he learned "potty" in an hour so that makes it very easy to avoid any puppy accidents in the house.  With treats and positive reinforcement, he's already become really great about letting us know when he has to go, and running to the door with us to get out in time.  (Just a little accident at 5am this morning had foster mom cleaning up after his nervous stomach...no problems the rest of the day though).

Bud shows no signs of aggression so far, no guarding of food or toys either.  Needs a little coaching on keeping his mouth closed around our hands when he's excited and we're trying to pet him, but that should be easy for such a smart guy to figure out.  Rides great in car.  Left him alone in dog room w/other resident dogs yesterday for a couple hours  - no accidents or mischief while we were out. Buddy is intact, so he'll have that little visit for his snip job done at the vet in Willmar early next week, then recovery for a short time, and then he should be good to go to a new home!

BTW, Buddy played out in the snow w/resident dogs and had a ball- running through snow drifts, chasing the frisbee, and wearing each other out.  (photos to come) They all came in and collapsed for a few hours after their big romp in the snow.

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