At A Glance

  • Age: 12 years, 11 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 75.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


 Merry Christmas, Buddy, from Bea (16-247)


  • Buddy is 11 years old.
  • He is neutered.
  • He is a beautiful deep golden/red color.
  • He is 82 pounds.
  • He is good with dogs and cats.
  • He appears to be house-trained… no accidents at all.
  • He loves to be petted and has no objections to brushing.
  • He came from a puppy mill – needs another dog; older children, if any; and a fence.

Hello, and I am pleased for you to meet Buddy 16-203, a LOVELY senior boy who is a true inspiration and story for RAGOM rescue! This white-masked senior boy came from a puppy mill breeder in another state. He turned 11 years old in January of this year (as far as we know). This boy was a stud Golden for the mill and spent all his earlier years outside in a wooden corralled 6 X 6 or so pen area with some tin over the top for cover. That is all, that is it. One of several breeders in a row.

First, let me say a huge thanks to JW, a Good Samaritan, for helping to get this dog (and others) out of that situation and into RAGOM! You are great! What a huge step in the rescue process and such heart you have for these rescue dogs. We want to thank you so very much, from all of us, especially Buddy boy here and me.

I know Buddy is so thankful to be out of those horrible conditions and be where a Golden Retriever should be: in a HOME. It is hard to imagine 11 years in a situation like he had, and thinking how Buddy has some storm anxiety and to have to suffer that alone, outside, all those years is unbelievable.

Another unbelievable matter is this: Buddy’s vet check went well for the most part. He is 82.2 pounds, so he is good on weight. He is all current on shots, microchipped, and now neutered. All went great. Now, for the NOT-SO-GOOD news……..he needs to have ALL OF HIS TEETH extracted -- except the front 4 canines. What sad and frustrating news for him. Frustrating the hurtful things which happen to these breeder/mill dogs, and so much neglect and pain, and he had no choice. We have the neuter and all the shots behind us, and now we will get this next big (and expensive) project behind us and begin the physical and mental mending. PLEASE CONSIDER SPONSORING THIS BOY!

We have not had this Golden boy very long, but here is what we have observed thus far:

For a PM (puppy mill) male, he does enjoy being touched/petted and being with human. That is a huge hurdle for these dogs! Another bonus is that Buddy has a very nice coat and is at a good weight. So all those things are in his favor and are great basics to already have in his possession. The rest, such as learning going in and out of vehicles, walking on a leash/harness, unfamiliar noises, etc., will just come in time. As we learn to know him, his confidence and trust will grow -- and it is building a little each and every day.

Buddy is absolutely gorgeous. He has that LOVELY white coon masking and a brown/golden nose, his beautiful walk, and a golden/red coat with light golden highlights, and yes, those soft eyes…… that look of wanting to try, to "find" you, to learn ……it is just so heartwarming.

To know he is now safe and growing so well emotionally and physically, this boy is going to make some lucky, deserving, loving family so very happy and proud to be a GOLDEN RESCUE, and let him show you how to move forward in the Golden years and appreciate life.

It will be a 2-way road -- one where you help guide him and the other, he will show you, a wonderful and loving life! A GOLDEN LIFE….. Oh-so beautiful!!?!?!?

Ragom is so WONDERFUL with the medical treatments and upkeeps they do for these rescue dogs and maintain such great Golden Retrievers. That takes DONATIONS and help from all of you out there. PLEASE go to our website about GOLDZILLA – consider donating, creating your own fundraising page, and/or attend this great Golden event on September 11th, 2016, at Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton, MN, and see all the Goldens! We really hope you can join RAGOM fosters and rescue dogs and really help us help all of these Goldens in need. Large or small…. Unfortunately, Buddy and I will not be able to attend, but the event is so wonderful, and our biggest fundraising event/cause ever. Can you help? You will love it!

Much more to come on Buddy boy, so please stay tuned to our progress!!! If you would be interested in Buddy or another great Golden or Golden mix, please contact your advisor or apply on our website!



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