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  • Age: 16 years
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 30.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


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Jessica & Adam Erickson

Welcome Cali to the RAGOM family! She is a Lab mix, approximately 6 years old. Cali came in as a bonded pair with Simba 14-162 .

How did these cuties end up in RAGOM's care? The original owners dropped off the pair at a Good Samaritan's home, thinking they were going to dog sit for a couple of days. Well, the owners never came back for them. When the Good Samaritan got ahold of the owner, she was told that they don't want the dogs anymore. One thing we know about their prior life is that they lived their life under an unenclosed porch. Cali and Simba were very lucky to be in the Good Samaritan's care until a foster was found.

Little Cali is the most shy out of the two. She needs Simba, who is more confidant, to show her the way. When she entered our home, Cali was very nervous. With a little coaxing, we led her by the leash into the backyard to meet the two resident dogs. We didn't have any issues, but I can tell you that Cali probably doesn't like a rambunctious, in-your-face type of dog. Luckily, the resident dogs read her signals and gave her some space. Cali does fine with the cats here; she completely ignores them. Cali does have her safe spots in the house: the bedroom closet and in the hallway.

At her wellness exam, she weighed in at 44 lbs. The vet also checked out a small eye laceration on her upper left eyelid. I noticed it the second night she was with us; you don't really notice it unless you're really up close to her face. I am not sure how she got it or how long she has had the injury. She will be having surgery soon to help it heal together and also, she will be getting spayed. When the vet was listening to Cali's heart, she mentioned she could detect a heart murmur. Parasites were also found in her stool. She already had 1 treatment of dewormer and in a week, will have another dose of dewormer. Cali has been brought up to date with her vaccinations and tested negative for heartworm.

Cali is a sweet little girl. We have taken Cali and Simba out for walks around the neighborhood. At first, when they see the leashes, they will run away. So, my trick is to get them in the fenced-in backyard and leash them out there. Cali walks nicely on the martingale collar. Most times, she is walking behind us, so we have to give her some extra cheer and support to walk with us, instead of behind us.

One of the many sweet things about Cali is that she loves foster dad. She has created a little special bond with him. When we are sitting on the couch, she absolutely has to come up and lay by him for some pets. I believe she even has given him little kisses on the cheek.

You would think having 4 dogs in the house might be chaotic (2 foster dogs + 2 resident dogs), but Cali and Simba have been super fun and easy to have around. We are enjoying their company as they are very well-behaved.

Their new life began with the Good Samaritan and will continue now as RAGOM dogs.

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