Caroline 17-283

At a Glance #17-283

Golden Retriever Born: August 2017
Female 25 lbs

Status: Deceased


Friday, January 26, 2018

Sweet Caroline came into RAGOM as a 5 month old blind puppy.  Unfortunately, we soon learned there was more going on than just blindness. Her RAGOM vet was very concerned that she was suffering from something serious so she was sent to see a Neurology specialist last week and it was determined that she had a very poor prognosis and was suffering. It is not known what the exact issue was--maybe head trauma, maybe something else wrong in her brain, maybe a storage disease. But none of the potentials were fixable. After speaking to her foster, temp foster and both vets, the decision was made to end her suffering. Caroline went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday in the loving arms of one of her fosters.  Run free sweet girl!