At A Glance

  • Age: 17 years, 2 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Introducing Charlie Boy. He is about 18 months old, a beautiful purebred goldish blonde and about 60+ lbs. He's been around and ended up being rescued and came along for the ride with Tyne and Caruso. He loves the cats....he and Coulter will play, while Sedwick stays clear. He gets a little too anxious to get acquainted with Sedwick and will give chase. No harm, no foul.

Charlie has been in and brought up to date on all his shots, neutered and he is negative for lyme/heartworm/parasites. He's a sweet boy and likes to cuddle for a bit. At night he gets up on the bed and will snuggle a bit, then moves to the end of the bed and then he's on the floor. He seems to find it cooler down there. He is good with my resident 14 year old, Reba, and will engage her in a bit of play, but not bug her. He hasn't shown a great deal of interest in toys yet....until tonight. I have my fur butt nephew, Bruno the German Sheppard, for a few days and they engaged in play and tug. Considering Charlie just got home from the vet it's been tough to keep them quiet. But I think as time goes on he will get the jist of the toys.

When I bathed and did nails with Charlie when I got him he was fine. He loved the brushing until I got to the tail. Not a happy camper and he did mouth me. After seeing the vet we discovered some hair missing and inflamed skin right above the tail area on top of his back. He is on anti biotics. Today when the vet tried to put some cream on his incision (busy boy licking) and lift his tail to check for poop stuck after some runny poop, he bared his teeth and lunged. He did NOT bite, but they did muzzle him. When I got there to pick him up he was in one of the big boarding kennels and I brought him out and lifted his tail to check his back side. He didn't like it, he did mouth and did cry. For whatever reason he is sensitive to his tail. However, the problem seemed to be he had some hard poop dried on, and so once home, I held his collar and just reached behind and did a "bandaid pull"....quick and once off he allowed me to check his butt. I am thinking perhaps at some time someone may have been rough with his tail area. Based on this behavior I do not recommend Charlie going to a family with small children who would pull on his tail. He is a good boy and spent the week end with TM (the man aka the hubby) learning not to bolt out the doors to go out or come in and when told to back up...he does. TM also informed me he behaved very well for him and he had no problems. As soon as he took Charlie to the Vet Monday a.m. and saw the girls he started in, prancing, jumping etc. So according to TM it's the women in his life. There is no doubt but that he needs a "pack leader", someone who will set the rules and make sure he follows through every time. He needs obedience school not just for the learning but the bonding.

Thus far there isn't a dog he has met he didn't like, at home, at the vet or even when he got home tonight and Bruno was here. Tyne 07-037 and her brother Caruso 07-036 were here the same time as Charlie, for a couple of days. He was good with them, but if they bugged him and jumped on him he'd give a warning growl. No fights. He is not a big barker, but if Reba starts he will gladly join in. I feel for all intense purposes he is house trained. Today is his first day alone in the kitchen not being kenneled so will see tonight how it went.

He is a handsome dog with his blocky head, big eyes and beautiful coat. He has very big paws....but he is well proportioned. If you are looking for handsome boy to join your family, be active and have the patience to teach him all he needs to know to be the best GR ever, then he's the guy for you. If you are an approved ap, let your placement person know you are interested. If you haven't applied yet....get a move on. He may be gone by the time you are approved.

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