Charlie 10-038


Charlie was surrendered due to a change of employment that will require his previous owner to travel. Speaking of traveling, Charlie made a long trip to his foster home from central North Dakota last Saturday. Charlie met the two resident dogs Bailey age 12 and Zoey age five when he arrived at his foster home. Charlie lived with a cat in his former home and a smaller dog too. He is quite exuberant for his age and would benefit from several rounds of obedience.

At a Glance #10-038

Golden Retriever Born: April 2004
Male 65 lbs

Status: Deceased


Charlie was surrendered due to a change of employment that will require his previous owner to travel. Speaking of traveling, Charlie made a long trip to his foster home from central North Dakota last Saturday. Charlie met the two resident dogs Bailey age 12 and Zoey age five when he arrived at his foster home. Charlie lived with a cat in his former home and a smaller dog too. He is quite exuberant for his age and would benefit from several rounds of obedience.


Monday, October 9, 2017

I said "until we meet again" to my beloved Charlie Boy today...Charlie came here in February of 2010 just under the age of 6 from Rugby,ND...He fit here like a glove. My younger gal Zoey had somebody her age to play with & my senior Bail's had a new friend to snuggle with. I have been blessed with wonderful furbutt companions over the years. But Charlie was the "special one" He was my"Heart Dog" and always will be. 

Charlie left us a week shy of his 13 -1/2 birthday. We had already decided to start celebrating 1/2 Birthdays and I regret we did not get that memory. If I drew up spec's for a Golden I would love to own it would pretty much be Charlie. A people dog to his last day as he had great difficulty trying to stand to greet the vet & the vet tech this morning but had to try...The one thing I could not protect my dearest friend Charlie from was the passage of time….more naps shorter walks can only go so far.

Rest well old Man you were so dearly loved...Until we meet again...

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Time again for a Charlie update...Some major changes have occurred. Charlie lost his pal Zoey last June to hemangiosarcoma, The dynamic duo no more. Wesley was the last foster to learn from the A team. 

We did find out that Charlie's happy go lucky attitude carried over to him being an only child. He always thought the world revolved around him anyway. Time has crept up on Charlie and I have taken to calling him "Old Man" He is the sweetest old guy and has a burst every now and then. But his vision & back end is not what it used to be.

It was decided to add a foster dog to the mix and see how Charlie would do as a solo mentor..We also changed it up a bit and brought in a younger dog. Mack @ 2-1/2 going on three came to be our first foster post Zoey. Mack spent his first few days as a Ragom dog in another foster home so we got a lot of info before he arrived on Saturday. He even came freshly bathed thanks Janet!

Try as he could Charlie tried to claim the top dog spot. But it was decided by the boys the larger younger Mack was now in charge with this pairing. It's kinda funny cause at times Mack looks to Charlie after elbowing him outta the way to go outside  he stops and waits to make sure Charlie is coming out. As it turned out Mack never left and became Charlie's lil brother...Suddenly after years of all girl dogs we have all boys these days.

Mack has a few rough edges we have been working on. We did have a former foster gal Peaches/now known as Gabby come to stay with us for a few days last summer. Her and Charlie picked up right where they left off back in 2011. Mack was a work in progress at times. But improved on Gabby's last day and really took a liking to her. I would find those two snuggling together a few times...

Charlie had given up sleeping up on the bed as he is no longer able to make the jump up. However that changed this winter. He now shows up for a boost up often. And before 2016 was in the history books Charlie had a surprise for me. A sudden burst that started in the hallway resulted in him making the leap up on his own one night. Charlie has birthday #13  scheduled in mid April. So Happy Gotcha Day Charlie! Seven years together today! Thanks for reading about my boy Charlie.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hello Charlie Fans

Charlie is coming up on a big anniversary this Saturday February 21st. Five years adopted and living the Golden Life. Since our last update some new fosters have passed through here and had Charlie as their mentor. Most recently was Chewy 14-335. Charlie ends up pals with everybody even if his greeting are getting more "in your face" in style. Chewy and Charlie I called them the C Boys.

Those two were peas in pod best buddies. They played and played and then played some-more. Time has made it's presence felt with Charlie as Chewy was half his age. Charlie like me still thinks he has it. But truth be told we really don't. Charlie was limping & whimpering suddenly and off to the vet we went. Nothing major other than he over revved and has a touch of arthritis starting. Sister Zoey stepped up and kept up with Chewy fine as Charlie took it easy for a few days.

Another notable foster was Cleo 12-113 I touched on in his last update. She ended up fostered here and in total spent 8 or 9 months with us. She met a wonderful family in April of 2012 Cleo thought Charlie was the bomb for lack of a better word. Others passed threw here also Dehlie, Grady and Rusty. But Chewy had a noticeable impact on Charlie. After Choo Choo as Chewy was called was adopted Charlie slept on the dog bed Chewy used for about three days. He missed his little buddy. When the full compliment of stored toys were put back in circulation Charlie the toy boy revived & reveled.  

He is # 1 pal to his fur sister Zoey they are bonded pair. They will both will have their 11 th birthdays in mid April. Charlie is a special one. He is my Boy and I thank my lucky stars every day. He has the personality to put up with kids yanking his tail and poking him in the eye to older folks with walkers and wheel chairs. His outlook is with any new person the same. You have not had a chance to pet me yet.

And he is wonderful with the shy dogs. He has a new pal in Luke FNA 08-248 who he met at Goldzilla the annual Ragom event in September. Luke was a little unsure of himself attending solo for the first time as his fur brother went to the Rainbow Bridge. He immediately took to Charlie and gave us a cute photo as he knew right away he had a friend in Charlie. 

So five years ago. I rummaged around in a desk drawer and pulled out a brand new purple collar. Tags transferred and with a click from the snap Charlie joined the ranks of adopted Ragom Dogs and became a resident dog here and my Boy. Happy 5th Gotcha Day Charlie Boy! Thanks for reading about my pal Charlie.

Charlie, Chewey, and Zoey

Cleo and Charlie

Charlie and Luke

Charlie and Duke at Duke's birthday party

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Charlie was adopted in February of 2010 so we are way past due on an update. Charlie is doing well living in Richfield, MN. Charlie is now 8 years old and lives with his fur-butt sister Zoey also 8 years old. Charlie is my Velcro boy and is never far away, in fact sometimes underfoot. Charlie is happy,healthy and better behaved these days.

As I type this update he is right on the floor next to me. Charlie has been a good resident dog in a foster home for the most part, but I do have to put most of the toys away before a foster dog arrives. Charlie thinks all the toys in the house are his! Charlie lost his big sister Bail's last fall when she went to the bridge last September. She was my second Golden named Bailey. He was a good little brother to her.

Charlie had his first foster brother last summer and fall with Duke 11-248. Took a little while for Charlie and Dukers to become pals, but they did become great pals. Duke loved to romp and wrestle with both Charlie and Zoey often all three dogs would play together at the same time. Last month Charlie,Zoey and myself had a reunion visit with Duke and his family in his forever home. No wrestle mania that evening but everybody got to know each other again. Charlie being the stinker, he even attempted to convince Duke to turn his toys over to Charlie. He was using the old Jedi mind trick I suspect. Duke you really want ME to have that toy.

Charlie and Duke

Charlie came from Rugby,ND and his former family sent all his stuff along with him. A blanket and some favorite toys and a dog bed, leashes,dog dish's the works. I suspect he was loved in his previous home. His favorites are his bell ball followed by his football. While they are still favorites he now has an orange ball that he is over the top with. He will bring it to bed at night even. And the first thing in the morning will pick it up and carry it out with him.

For a while he would purposely play with it in the living room next to the couch, always managing to get it under or behind the couch. Whine, bark and running back and forth till I would come retrieve it for him...And within 5 minutes guess... under the couch again. Sorry Charlie, that got old. So his orange ball takes breaks from time to time in a kitchen drawer. He is always happy to come back in the house and find it has returned from where ever it runs off to? And these days it stays out from under the couch too. Thanks Charlie.

We had a visiting foster dog this weekend Cleo 12-113 she is such a cute little peanut. Cleo came from a commercial breeding operation. She is very shy and needs another dog to be her BFF and help show her the way. Cleo picked Charlie to be her BFF and Charlie is awesome with her. She has come along so well in foster care and will make the right family a wonderful addition to their pack. She will be coming to visit here again soon for a longer stay and she's in "good paws"with Charlie.

Charlie came to his forever home in a time of sadness over the loss of my Golden Bailey. He has fulfilled his mission to Cheer this family up...Words really can't describe how much I love Charlie boy. There is just something ? I think it is his personality that you just fall for this sweet boy.I cant imagine a day with out him.

Thanks again to all the wonderful volunteers at Ragom for all you do to help all the Golden's in need. And for getting Charlie to us. Thanks for reading about my boy Charlie.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Charlie here

Foster dad is letting me do my own update and I have an announcement to make.......
I'm adopted!  Right here in my foster home. Turns out I was meant to come here and cheer up this family.
You see......... they were sad because one of the resident dogs, Bailey FNA 07-687 went to the bridge two weeks before I arrived. Well let me tell you.... I know how to cheer up a household!  That said I am really good with the resident senior also named Bailey. She is my snuggle buddy. I am still working on seeing if she will play with me too. 
The other resident dog is Zoey, she was very sad cause she lost her play pal. Problem solved as we have become wrestling buddies and I can chase her around the back yard too. As for FD, well it was love at first sight with me! He tells me I'm Velcro like Bailey and a touch clumsy too. I worked real hard for two weeks to win him over as I really wanted to stay. Dad tells me I get to go to school with him soon as I need better manners.
I really want to go with dad whenever he leaves so that will be fine with me. 
Gotta go Zoey needs her cute little ears chewed on .                             

Love, Charlie