At A Glance

  • Age: 17 years, 11 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


6/3/06: Meet Cleo! After a very long trip and a late-night arrival, we are getting to know the petite, affectionate Cleo today. Cleo has definitely been loved on by humans, either in her Mississippi shelter or elsewhere, because she goes to everyone for pets and scratches, and immediately begins working her way onto laps. Your heart will melt when she snuggles into your lap and rests her chin on your arm.

This is a very petite pup. We don?t know her age, but maybe 6 months is my guess. I?m sure the vet will be able to give us more info next week. On our bathroom scale, she only weighs about 20 pounds. In size she reminds me of the resident Golden at about 3-4 months, with a smooth coat and good proportions despite her small size. She looks like a puppy but she acts like an old soul, which may be just the result of the circumstances of her life. She is a ?miniature? Golden?a sweeping tail that?s not nearly high enough to clear your coffee table, she can?t counter-surf because it?s out of her reach, and while every Golden wants to be a lap dog, this one actually fits! If you?re looking for a dog with that Golden spirit in a compact body, this could be your girl!

Although she loves up every human she sees, Cleo?s definitely not ready to play with our resident Golden. Cleo is mystified by Jaden?s overtures of play (and Jaden is equally confused by the lack of response). Cleo likes to chew toys, but if Jaden approaches she gets a good growl. However, Cleo will willingly let a human take her toy or food away?the feistiness she?s showing is only toward the other dog. I?m hoping she can warm up and learn to play in the time she?s here.

She was so tired for the photo session that she fell asleep on the asphalt driveway?but I?d be tired too after her long journey and 2 a.m. bedtime! The photo with our resident dog shows her petite size next to our 60 lb. Golden.

She?s in pretty good shape physically?she arrived clean, with trimmed nails, but smells even better after her bath today. She does have some scabs, we?re guessing from fleas, but had a flea bath before she came to us and I have not found any on her. She walks well on a leash with only a flat collar, knows ?sit? and ?come? and will respond beautifully to your loving encouragement in training. She goes to the vet Tuesday, where we?ll learn more about her. Then she?ll soon be ready to join a family where she can get the love and attention she craves and deserves! Email [email protected] if you?re interested in this compact sweetheart.

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