At A Glance

  • Age: 10 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 95.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 11/8/14physicalno no no 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Ms. Coketa came into RAGOM when her owners needed to move and couldn’t take her with.  While she had most recently been living outdoors and sleeping under a porch, it’s clear she has lived indoors before!  She is a gorgeous Golden Retriever mix (maybe with Great Pyrenees?)  She is a light golden with white on her belly, chest, feet, and face.  She also has the most adorable freckles on her face and forelegs!  When she first arrived, we thought she was pregnant. After a visit to the vet and an x-ray and ultrasound to confirm it, it was determined that she was having a false pregnancy.  Her body is mimicking a pregnancy, but there are no puppies.  Because of this, her hormones are a little out of whack and she is taking longer than usual to adjust to pets in our house.  The rest of her vet visit went well – she is heartworm negative, her fecal was negative, she was microchipped, and she was brought up to date on vaccinations.  Her ears are clean and other than being very overweight (103 pounds!), she is very healthy!  Her ideal weight is likely around 75 pounds.  Coketa was spayed this week and has come through the surgery well.  Coketa has been bathed and had her nails trimmed, and did absolutely wonderful for her grooming!  She loves getting brushed and her nightly massages.

Coketa would do best with a family without any other pets.  She sees my two cats (and likely other pocket pets) as prey and wants to chase/harm them.  We are managing this by keeping baby gates up and making sure she’s crated while we are gone to keep our cats safe.  She prefers a plastic crate to a wire crate.  I really do think that she would be fine with free roam if she was the only pet.  Coketa has some issues with other dogs in her space, especially when she is getting attention and love from a person.  She decided right away that she was not a fan with our other foster, Newton 14-268.  She has done better with my resident dog, but she has still gotten snarky with him a few times.  Coketa would do best in a home without other dogs.  She is non-reactive when we see other dogs on walks.  She just does not like them in her personal space and hogging any attention that she may get from a person.  It may be that she wasn’t properly socialized and hasn’t spent time around a lot of other dogs, or it could be the hormones from her false pregnancy that is causing her behavior.  Either way, we are working with her and she is doing better and listens to me more each day. Although she doesn’t have the best behavior with other animals, with people, it’s a completely different story!  Coketa is a VERY loving dog and just wants someone to love her back.  She lives for belly rubs and someone petting her head. She is very “Velcro” and always wants to be near me.  Coketa also does very well with my 10 year old daughter.  Even though she’s young, she’s been pretty calm here so far and would much rather snuggle up on the couch than go out to play or for a walk.  She takes her job of being a good snuggle buddy very seriously!

We are working on basic obedience training and she is a very smart girl.  She sits very nicely, takes treats politely, and her recall is nearly flawless!  We will continue to work on her training every day.  She does need some work learning how to walk better with a leash – we plan on starting to use a gentle leader this week as soon as she’s off exercise restriction from her spay surgery.  It is very likely that her hormones are also playing a part in her attitude towards other dogs – even a false pregnancy can cause issues with a dog’s personality and behavior!  Coketa appears to be house trained, although I do have to crate her when we are not home to keep our cats safe.  She LOVES car rides and rides very nicely.  She has just started to show interest in toys, and now she loves to empty the toy box!  She does need to be watched around stuffed toys (she will de-stuff them).  Her favorite are the elk antlers and nylabones, she loves to chew on them!  She has done a great job of not chewing anything that isn’t a dog toy. The first day here she tried to mouth a couch pillow, but I told her no, and she has not bothered them since. It’s likely that she wasn’t properly socialized and she needs to learn and be exposed to new things and situations.  She is incredibly willing to please, so I think she’ll really blossom in a home filled with love, patience, and training!

Coketa’s ideal home would include the following:

  • A family without any other pets – she wants to be the queen of her family and not have to compete with any other pets for attention and love. 
  • A family that doesn’t want a dog to take to the dog park. She does, however, love walks!
  • A fence is optional.  She is used to being in a fenced in yard, but she would also do fine on a tie-out or leash walked.  If she saw a squirrel, I do not think an invisible fence would keep her contained.
  • A family dedicated to keeping her healthy and keeping up with her weight loss plan.  She also needs a family dedicated to working on her training.  She still needs to learn how to walk nicely on a leash and other basic obedience such as down, stay, etc.  She does very well with come and sits!  Her forever family will help her blossom into the wonderful family dog that we know she can be!

If you are interested in learning more about this beautiful and loving girl, please contact your placement advisor!  Coketa promises her forever family a lifetime of love, snuggles, and dedication! 

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