At A Glance

  • Age: 9 years, 8 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 65.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


Sponsored by: Susannah Charleson 

This sweet boy is Copper.  He is an 8-year-old 60 pound male Golden Retriever currently residing here in Ham Lake, MN.  He has been neutered, is all update-to-date on shots, and had a senior blood screen that returned all normal results.  He has extremely infected ears, and wound up having to get an injection of antibiotics, and 2 topical A/B's to go into his ears.  The vet tech helped me clean his ears and he just groaned the whole time.  His right ear is worse than the left, and I can barely get my finger down his ear to clean it, it is so swollen.  It might take a while to clear his ears up.  Poor guy.

Copper came from a Michigan shelter where he was to be put to sleep on Feb. 3rd. (no one wanted him due to his age).  His surrendering owners were forced to give him up due to neighbors threatening them with a summons because they let him roam free and chase the UPS truck.  When the surrendering owners brought him in to the shelter, they said he was aggressive to cats and dogs.  The shelter reported to RAGOM that they never saw aggression towards animals while he was at the shelter. The day before he was to be transported to me, he reportedly barked wildly at the shelter owner's 7-year-old boy.  She had the boy walk away, and Copper stopped barking.  Then she had the boy return, and he started up again.  This was while he was behind bars.  I was contacted and asked if I still wanted him since he reportedly now had aggressions towards kids, cats, and dogs.  I spoke to RAGOM, and since he did not have any bite history, and barking isn't considered aggression, we decided to give him a chance.

All I can say is, thank God RAGOM gave this boy a chance to prove himself!  We have 2 kids (6 and 9), 2 cats, and 2 dogs (females). Copper came into our home after very slow introductions to all 3 "aggressions", and has been an absolute angel.  Not one lip curl.  My 20 pound Cocker Spaniel will growl at him (because he wants to sniff her), and he'll back off as if to say, "What?!?, I just wanted to sniff you!"  He has greeted dogs at the vet with sniffs and tail wags.  He nudges the kids' arms for pats and scritches.  One of the cats has bumped heads with him.  Every now and then, he wants to chase the cats, but all I have to do is say "No", or "Aah" and he stops.  We haven't had him meet a male dog yet, but we'll arrange that with one of the neighbors soon.  He is house-trained, walks OK on flat collar, and walks great on a Gentle Leader.  Loves to ride in the truck (his nose prints are all over my windows!).  He is a great snuggler, but likes to sleep on the floor at night by my side of the bed (I think he gets too hot to sleep up on the bed).  He is such a great boy and has shown 0% aggression.  Last night, he disappeared, so I went upstairs looking for him, and he was curled up in bed with my 9-year-old daughter.  This is a wonderful senior boy who is looking for a great new home.  Please let placement know if you would like to meet this sweet guy!

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