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  • Age: 22 years, 8 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


4/27/06: Delancy, a Golden mix, came to RAGOM from a shelter in Sturgis, SD. He was found abandoned in a house in February '06. When I discovered him and with RAGOM's approval, he was busted out of doggy jail on day 71 of his stay. No dog should languish in a shelter that long, although the woman who cares for the animals at this particular shelter loved Del very much and did her absolute best for him. Thank you Michelle, for allowing Del to come to RAGOM.

Our best guess is that Del is mixed with a Husky and is about 7 years old. He weighs 63 lbs., is neutered and is now current on all vaccinations, microchipped as well as fecal and heartworm negative. It is apparent that Del has suffered injury or infection to his ears - as both Pinna (the ear flap) are scarred, shriveled and rigid. After seeing Dr. J and having his ears shaved - cleaned and medicated, we understand that he likely has lived a life of neglect and chronic ear infections - which led to constant head shaking, resulting in a condition called Aural Hematoma. Untreated, this condition will resolve, but not without a lot of pain to the animal as well as permanent damage and scarring to the ear canal and Pinna. It is often referred to as "cauliflower ear", when not treated properly. Because of the scarring and rigid ear canal, he continues to suffer from both bacterial and yeast infections in both ears. His ears are sensitive - to say the least, but Del is an incredibly gentle and accepting boy. He tolerates daily flushing and medication, takes his antibiotic like a champ and is very well mannered.

Del met all our dogs with a grace and patient charm that I have never seen before when bringing in a new foster dog. He got a bath and multiple brushings within a few hours of arrival and did just great. He must have been a loved pet at some point in his prior life, because he is a typical love sponge - will nudge an elbow or hand for a pet - knows to "go lay down" while we are eating, knows to go to the door to go outside to potty, no accidents at all in the house and we're on day #8 today. He sleeps quietly on a dog bed in our bedroom at night with our dogs, eats with our dogs - and shows no food or toy issues whatsoever. He walks pretty good on a leash, seems to know that he is to keep pace - not ahead or behind. I haven't felt the need to use a Gentle Leader at all. He also rides beautifully in my mini-van.

During the day, while we are at work, Del and our dogs are babygated in our kitchen and breakfast room and he does great. He loves nylabones and toys - and will lay on his bed and squeak, squeak, squeak until we or one of our dogs take it away because we've had enough squeak! He has not chewed up anything (soft toys included). He makes silly growly sounds when he lays on his back and wiggles and scratches. He like to have his tummy and chest scratched - and it's very rewarding to see him happy and contented.

Del may not be a candidate for Most Beautiful Golden Mix of 2006 - but he has a very gentle and loving demeanor, and deserves to live the rest of his life well cared for and loved for who he is.

Del will be moving to Mankato, MN soon - to a loving foster home, closer to the wonderful medical facilities that RAGOM has a partnership with. Del will need to have his ears evaluated for treatment and possibly surgery to correct the damage. We will miss this quiet, loving boy - but he deserves every opportunity and with RAGOM's help, he will have it.

God's speed Delly Belly. Your Western SD foster home and family love you!

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