At A Glance

  • Age: 19 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 60.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


February 1, 2011

Hello all, and a big welcome back to Deuce 09-072. He is a returning guy due to changes in his forever home. It certainly is not this lovable guy's fault. Work schedule changes and being home alone too long were the deciding factors. The adopters thought it was best for him to be with a family that can spend more time with him. It was a very sad day at his surrendering home. There were watery eyes all around.

This mild mannered and reserved boy is a six year old male PB. He went to the Vet yesterday for a wellness check and was brought up to date on all vaccinations. He still has to have his Lyme's booster in three weeks. He checked out in all aspects of heath. He is a little over weight at 89 pounds, but we are starting to work on that with walks and a cut back in his food intake. In all he is a healthy guy that that is very gentle and loving.

He gets along well with the tribe of canines that reside here. He is submissive with my resident male (who at times can be a real jerk, but that's how it works in the dog world) and gets along well with my two Springer's. He and my young male have buddied up and at this time are outside protecting us from the vicious Sabre-tooth red squirrels. He is totally enjoying his free roam outside, and stays close to the house. He walks fairly well on a leash. He is very timid and cautious when he first meets someone new, but warms up quickly.

The only fault I have seen so far is he will counter surf when left alone. We are working on that. The test will be today when I go to town for lunch. He is fine when someone is home, just when he is left alone with free roam. Two years ago he had seizures, but none since. The Vet said it is nothing to worry about at this time. He just needs to be watched and know what to do if he ever has one again. My male Golden has them once in a while also. It can be very concerning at first, but if they are of short duration and few and far between it is nothing to worry about at that time. If it becomes a serious matter there is medical treatment.

If you are looking for a gentle boy who is good with kids, house trained, kennel trained, knows some commands, loves to go for walks, chase squirrels, and is just as handsome as he is lovable. This is your boy. Did I mention his belching? This guy can belch with the best of them. My wife said his name should be "Wyatt Burp".

This boy is one great dog and won't be on the adoption list very long. The ones like him never are. I will tell you how smart he is. He has already learned to cheer for the "Packers". He even has his own "Green Bay towel."

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