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  • Age: 7 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 11.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


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 1/18/16Not required
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Dixie was born on 10-31-2015. Her Mom was a Collie with a dash of Aussie, super friendly, gentle, and people-oriented. Dad was the neighbor Golden Retriever. Dixie was part of an unplanned litter and was surrendered from the owners. The Mom had another litter of puppies about 1 year ago and those dogs looked very much like a Golden, with a slightly larger nose. They wieghed about 50 lbs, so that may be an indication of what Dixie will weigh as an adult.

Hey, guys! Dixie here. I took over my Foster Mom's computer because I want to tell you about ME. I had my first vet visit (not so bad), was microchipped (ya know, in case I ever get lost), and had my first set of shots. I did have roundworms in my fecal matter, but my Foster Mom gave me my medicine, so I am doing great. I am not yet spayed, but will be having that done soon. I like to play, a lot, and nap. I am after all still a baby. I am working really hard on this going-potty-outside thing. It's hard; sometimes it just hits me and I can't quite make it, but Foster Mom has set up potty pads for me and she scoops me up and I do it on the pads. Then if I can't make it outside, there is one by the door I know to go on. The best part about going outside or the potty pads is I get a treat and Foster Mom tells me what a good girl I am! Sometimes I play too hard, and my puppy teeth, which are pretty sharp, scratch Foster Mom. She knows I did not do it because I wanted to be mean, but because I was having so much fun playing.

I have met some pretty cool little humans. My Foster Mom called them her nephews and niece. They were so fun. They had almost the same amount of energy as me. I have not met any other dogs yet, because of my roundworm, but I think that is all cleared up and I hear Foster Mom talking to her friend with a dog so I can have a playdate! Yea! I think I would do really well with another dog. Or by myself. I met a cat at the vet and he was neat, but I didn't have time to play with him--too many other cool things to look at! I am pretty relaxed, so a feline friend may not bother me.

I like to play with my water dish, too. When I am done drinking my water, I tend to pick up the bowl and dump the water all out. I must want to go swimming, even though it's super cold out. I carry it around and am so proud.

Thanks, Dixie, for that great description of yourself. Foster Mom here again. As for during the day, she is home with another member of the family who works from home. This is great, because then she is taken outside about every 30-45 minutes. When she wakes from a nap, she has to go outside. She is learning to crate-train and willingly goes in it to nap, play with a toy, or when we feed her. She is fed in her crate as a way to show it is a safe and happy place. She is never put in there for punishment or if she potties on the floor. She does sleep in the crate all night with no issues. If we leave the house, she is crated and rarely whines. So come on and and let this little lady come to your family and adopt her!

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