At A Glance

  • Age: 13 years, 9 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 65.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


I'd like to introduce Duke. Duke was taken in by a good Samaritan as a stray. The good Samaritan tried for 6 weeks to find the owner but only got an anonymous reply saying his name was Duke. Then Duke was taken to the Humane Society before RAGOM took him in. Duke had to spend some time in boarding until I took him. I was told he didn't do well in boarding. This is very understandable because Duke is very much a people dog. When I got Duke to my house we had the normal outdoor intros with my resident Ziggy and other foster/hospice Rocket. Everything went well. Duke met the outdoor cats with no problems also. The house cat Itsey and kitten Tiger had no problems with Duke either. Duke was unknown about cats, so this was very good.

Duke was very nervous, as most new foster dogs are. He paced and drank lots of water, panted and had to go outside many times.

I took Duke and Rocket for a walk to help calm Duke down some and to have him and Rocket get used to each other. Duke likes the crate so he would go in there to chill out. He spent his first night here in the crate and was quiet all night.

In the morning he was very excited and I took him outside first thing. Back in for breakfast. Duke inhales his food. Then we went for 3 1/2 mile walk. I would be leaving Duke home that day while I took Rocket and Ziggy to Goldzilla. Duke spent the day in the crate with no problems. He was very excited when we got home.

Duke remained nervous for a couple more days. I gave him free roam of the house and he did great. He looked at what was on the counter but never touched anything and never touched the wastebaskets. This is great. No bad habits that I have found yet.

Duke very much knows his name and has great recall. He also will pretty much sit on demand. I'm working on "lay down". Duke will tug a bit on the leash but will back off as soon as you give a light tug back or call his name.

Duke is in very good shape and can walk very long distance [over 3 1/2 miles] without getting tired. I believe he may be trained for hunting. He will take off on a scent track. He will stop as soon as called. He hasn't started working the ditches on our walks yet.

Duke is a very affectionate dog. He absolutely loves any and all attention he can get. He does jump up but mostly to get hugs. He will put his face next to mine when he wants hugs. He will get down most times when told. He gives kisses also.

Duke does get excited if I go outside. He and Rocket will pace a bit, look out the window and maybe bark a bit. They usually settle down quickly. Always very excited and when I come back in.

Duke has only been here a week and seems to still be coming out of his shell. From what I see now Duke is a very good dog and with a minimal amount of training could become a great dog and a super companion. He is very eager to learn new things. I haven't kid tested Duke yet but I'm pretty sure he will do great. He is very gentle.

Here is a summary of what I know about Duke 12-315 so far:

  • Duke has great recall. He has come to me every time I called him
  • Duke gets along with other dogs fine as long as properly intoduced
  • Duke gets along with cats. He has started to play with the house kitten
  • Duke is very active and needs lots of exercise
  • Duke is very affectionate and needs time with his people
  • Duke is housebroke only 1 accident the 1st day [my fault]
  • Duke is pretty quiet. He has only barked a few times.
  • Duke doesn't counter surf
  • Duke is eager to learn new things

There is much more to learn about Duke. Does Duke 12-315 sound like the kind of dog you are looking for? If you think Duke 12-315 could fit in your heart and home, contact your placement adviser.


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