Frankie Jo


At A Glance

  • Age: 13 years, 11 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Grand Forks, AK
  • Status: Deceased


September 25, 2012

This is Frankie Jo, she is a purebred golden retriever who will be 4 years old on October 1, 2012. Frankie is sweet, eager to please and to top that off has a mind of her own as most females do. Frankie loves to be outdoors and I believe she would and could be a hunter if given the opportunity. She will sit outside and watch the squirrels run from the fence to the shed then up into the trees.. she has been wondering how she could get up on that shed as those darned squirrels have been teasing her to no end. Frankie was surrendered to RAGOM by a couple who bought Frankie to fill their void of "empty nesters".. since then they have been blessed with marriages of their children and grand children that takes them away from home more than they thought they would be gone leaving Frankie home alone for too many hours.

Frankie is a loving gal, she is smart, small, soft, and just the cutest gal you would ever want to meet. Frankie knows how to shake hands, sit and lay down, she is very "treat motivated" but who isn't.

We had the pleasure of taking Frankie to the lake, she doesn't like water at all, she wouldn't even dip her big toe in the water but she did like the pontoon rides and the outdoors. She rode nice in the car but would have preferred to be in the front seat navigating rather than being in the back seat with her two foster sisters who are seat hogs.. Frankie ended up riding in the middle, making sure she didn't bump her foster sister Annie as Annie gets mad when being bumped and Molly kept wanting Frankie to play... imagine that.

  • Frankie loves walks but does best when a gentle leader is used "and put on the right way".
  • Frankie loves golf cart rides.
  • Frankie loves to play but always likes to win or she gets crabby.
  • Frankie also loves squeaky toys.
  • Frankie is good with kids and does not chew on anything that is inappropriate.

Now for a silly story, we had a new furnace installed in our home this summer well, last week it got quite chilly and Foster Dad decided to turn on the furnace, we realized there was a natural gas leak. Well that's not funny but my husband called the heating and plumbing guy to come over and fix it. We did what we always do, we left the house open for the guy however, Miss Frankie was being very protective of her domain and wouldn't let the big burly man into the house. He called my husband and said "the girl with the pink collar wouldn't let me in the house but the other girls just stood and looked at me as if I was supposed to bring them treats"... so we found out Frankie will protect our home from strangers.. we could probably throw your house keys away while she is with us. The other thing Frankie likes to do is sit in the front door and watch adults, kids and dogs walk by and she makes sure to tell them to get off her sidewalk and street..

Frankie could be the only dog or have a companion dog but she is an Alpha, Frankie does not like cats...

One last thing for now, Frankie is the cutest little girl but she's not very photogenic so these pictures do not do her justice.

If Miss Frankie Jo would fit into your home please contact Placement.

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