At A Glance

  • Age: 20 years, 9 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 75.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


Friday has arrived in Richfield on Sunday after a long ride from Iowa. First I would like to say a special thank you to the transporters who brought him to me, John & Carrie -they took the whole trip!  A special thanks for RAGOM  for taking Friday into our family. He will be well taken care of.Friday is a PB Male  Golden Retriever, red in color with a big blocky head and eyes to die for!  He is a real looker. The vet couldn’t believe he is almost 7!  I can’t either, he plays like he is 2 yrs old.

He is trying to settle in after leaving his family of 6 1/2 years.  They were very sad to surrender him, but they had their first child and couldn’t spend enough time with him now and they wanted a better life for him.  Friday is having to adjust to many new things right now new people and a resident dog to meet.  He came through meeting 5 humans on Sunday and did very well. I think he is realizing that his famiy is gone and he needs to stay with us.

A little shy and cowering at first, but seems to be fine after that.  Friday was a real trooper while we gave him a bath in the pool outside.  Let me tell you, it was real cold water from the hose but he just stoood there while 3 of us scrubbed him and rinsed him for about 1/2 hour.  What a good sport.  He really smelled because he was an outside dog and he will need a couple more baths and lots of brushing because he is shedding his winter coat. Yes, we got 2 bags of dog hair off him I thought we got 2 dogs! I don’t know if it was the humans attention or the nice cleaning we were doing for him, but he enjoyed it. Then we played and played. He loves his pheasant toy and his balls. Oh, did I say he is a hunting dog of pheasants the previous owner said. He took him hunting for years. So I am hoping to find him another family that hunts since he loves it, and swimming too!

You would never know he’s 6 almost 7. He is very energetic. I am not sure if this is how he normally is or if it is because he was kenneled outside and wasn’t being exercised enough.  It really doesn't matter we will figure it out as we get to know him better over the next week.  Friday has many wonderful years ahead of him.  He will be a wonderful companion & hunting dog for some lucky family.

So now for his health.  He went to the vet on Monday he is in good health.  Weighs 76 pounds, was brought up to date on all shots and Frontline also. He was a real good dog.  He is  also microchiped.   The vet just called and Heartworm is negative and the fecal test is negative also, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!.  So he is a very healthy dog.

So far we have learned that Friday would do best with the following in his forever home:

He needs a fence 
He does not like cats
He has not had much exposure to kids . So I would say older kids may be better for him, or no kids - I could change my mind later as we get to know him better.
He would probably be best as a only dog he loves all the attention.  This may change as we get to know him more.
We took him for a walk last night on a flat collar and he did just fine. He is very strong, but he listens well to commands. He did get a little snarky at another dog but he quit when we said no.
So lots of  walks or perhaps a Jogging partner. He has a nice pace and likes to please so he is always right next to you when your walking.

Timber the resident dog could learn a few walking skills from him.

Everything is new to him so we need to be patient  but Friday is changing every day for the better. Now I know why there's the 3 day adjustment period when we take in new foster dogs.  They need to adjust to us and we need to adjust to them. He is getting more comfortable every day and we are enjoying him.

Let me say he has only been with us since Sunday so he hasn't really had much of a chance to settle into our routine yet.  We will keep learning what he likes and does not like.  I did learn when he first came he looked like he was snarling at us, but we have learned he is smiling at us. Its so cute.

I may need to revise Friday's needs in his Forever Home as we get to know him better.  He is one great dog! He has had to adapt to a lot of new noises, like airplanes and sirens and he seems to be just fine with those. We are working on introducing him to our resident golden slowly because Timber is the Wild Woman.

We will keep you updated on Fridays progress after his neuter on Friday. 

Foster Mom & Dad

I take him everywhere I go!!!

It's mine!  I like the real ones too!!!

Told you he goes everywhere with me!!!

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