At A Glance

  • Age: 20 years, 5 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


March 17, 2011

We’d like to WELCOME BACK Frisbee, a 7.5 yr. old, gorgeous, pure bred Golden Retriever, with papers showing his Champion blood lines. Frisbee is very happy, healthy and looking for what everyone most desires…a family that is willing to give him time, love, companionship and most of all—commitment!


If some dogs have all the LUCK, Frisbee would be the one without a drop of it looking at his history. Let’s recap...

This wonderful boy first came into RAGOM as a 1 yr. old after his family decided they would no longer have time for Frisbee with a brand new baby in the house. His 2nd “forever” family returned Frisbee after 5 years because they too became came too busy and no longer had time for Frisbee…nor did they feel they could handle a growing “leash aggression” issue that was developing in Frisbee. Both families noted that Frisbee was good with other dogs, cats, and kids. From his 2nd family, it was noted that Frisbee got along with other dogs at dog parks and doggie day care, but when Frisbee was restrained on a leash and/or on a tie out, he reacted with anxiety and lashed out and barked at selective dogs. So Frisbee returned to RAGOM with some issues to work through.

Luckily for him, Frisbee’s foster home in 2009 had another dog for Frisbee to learn good things from (as did his 1st foster home) and great foster parents that were committed to helping him thrive---and thrive he did! Soon, Frisbee found his 3rd “forever” family that were committed to continuing what Chad and Carla had started---unfortunately, the family is divorcing, and Frisbee is once again surrendered back to RAGOM. It was noted that the family stopped working with Frisbee and that daily leashed walks became few and far between and with this lack of exercise, mental stimulation, and good doggie social interaction, a new issue began to surface….the family noted some resource guarding/nipping issues. Anyone see a pattern here???

Frisbee spent 2 weeks in boarding and while there under-went a behavior evaluation for the resource guarding issue and I’m thrilled to tell you he PASSED with FLYING COLORS!

So...on 3/12/2011--Frisbee was welcomed into his 3rd foster home…with 3 resident dogs! And truth be told…I was a bit nervous as to how he would react to the resident dogs…that is…until I saw that sweet face! And after proper introductions were by one...with a loose leash...and much to my surprise, it was a non-issue nor have there been any issues between Frisbee and our dogs---actually quite the opposite. He's blended right into our pack! These photos were taken on the 1st and 2nd day after he arrived.


Frisbee is on the far left with his two foster brothers

Frisbee is the “relaxed” one on the right with
foster sister and brother


It was also noted at his previous home that Frisbee didn’t like toys other than a game of Tug-o-War. But if you could have seen his face light up when he saw the toy box…you wouldn’t have believed it. He LOVES stuffed animals, balls, tug toys, socks…and brings you something whenever he wants to play…or sleep J

OK…so now I’m thinking I picked up the wrong dog from boarding…right?

So FAR….this is what we have experienced with Frisbee:

  • Frisbee plays like a puppy---very mouthy...will nip at your coat or gloves when he wants to engage in play…very much like a dog would engage another dog in play or rough house. This is easily redirected or stopped—but obviously he was not taught when he was a puppy that this is not how you play with humans.
  • Frisbee gets VERY excited about going on a walk! He will barely sit still to put on the leash---you can tell this is his favorite thing to do! I chose to walk Frisbee with one of my other confident dogs because I started to see how much Frisbee was watching the dogs for cues in the house and in the yard. We’ve been on several walks...passed dogs in yards, horses behind fences, and peacocks----yes…I said peacocks (strange neighborhood we live in). Frisbee noticed each animal but paid no attention…again keeping in step with the resident dog. We will continue looking for a “leashed” dog to pass…maybe as the weather gets nicer more will be out.
  • Frisbee hates the Gentle Leader (good for some—not for all) and judging from the permanent black mark across his nose, he's lived in one for years. I thought I’d try it without and see if the companion dog would help with the pulling on our walk and he walked very well. I can’t help but wonder if that pressure across his nose only added to his irritation and to the leash aggression issue?
  • Frisbee is a good communicator. If he has something of high value, like a raw hide, he feels the need to take it and run. If you try to take it from him he will give you a warning growl. Good Boy! If you offer to trade him a treat for his bone…he will gladly trade. If another dog walks towards him while he has the high value item, he will also give a warning growl. This is good doggie communication. What we’ve noticed is that the growling we heard the 1st day has diminished greatly as Frisbee is realizing that no one wants to take his things from him.
  • Frisbee is totally potty trained and will stand by the door when he needs to go out.
  • Frisbee has had FREE ROAM since arriving without issue day or night, does not chew on anything that’s not a toy, and is perfectly fine when left alone with the other dogs when no one is home.
  • Frisbee takes treats very nice with an open palm hand. He’s VERY treat motivated!
  • Frisbee is a good sleeper and a great snuggler! He loves to be loved and knows how to give love!

We really REALLY like this boy and still think we possibly picked up the wrong dog from boarding!

I’m sure we will learn more and more about Frisbee and he will show us more of who he is and what he needs to feel safe and loved. We are no longer looking for a “forever” home---since he’s had 3 of those kind…but we ARE looking for his PERMANENT home and from what I've discovered through reading his notes and living with him, I truly believe he needs to have the following in his permanent home:

  • A mentor dog---another good dog with a great disposition to show him all the behaviors that we desire in good family dogs. Frisbee needs other dogs in his world, in his home, in his family.
  • A fenced yard so that he does not have to be on a tie out but can roam free within the boundaries
  • Older children (10 and up)---older children are best suited for Frisbee as they provide more consistency and predictability for him to feel safe in his environment. Also---because of his mouthy play.
  • And the MOST IMPORTANT requirement --TIME & COMMITMENT to this incredibe dog! This is a dog that has had more homes than any dog should ever have. He has what it takes to be perfect----he just needs the perfect companion and the perfect environment!

We will be attending the RAGOM event on Saturday at the Quarry PetSmart on 3/19. Frisbee will be accompanied by Resident Miley (RAGOM dog #08-005) and we’ll stay for as long as everyone is comfortable and having fun! Please come out and give Frisbee a very special WELCOME BACK!


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