At A Glance

  • Age: 19 years
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 74.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


I'd like to introduce "Happy Gilmore". He was given this name by the caring people at the shelter/vet clinic in far northern Minnesota that saved his life by calling RAGOM. Those of you reading this in outlying areas please remind or tell your local vets and law enforcement about RAGOM. Gilmore was brought in as a stray by animal control and his time was close to being up.

He was neutered and had 3 cysts removed on 3/7/12. He was transported to me by one of the many great volunteers of RAGOM transport. Thank You very much Craig.

Gilmore met my 2 dogs with no problems at all. It was unknown if he was cat friendly, but met my cats with no problems also.

I knew about a cyst being removed but was surprised by the 3 cuts and 30+ staples. Gillmore was in good spirits and didn't seem to be bothered by them as much as I was. He ate and slept good that night.

I called the clinic where he came from the next morning to ask about the cysts. They were all normal fatty tissue. No suspicious ones. Yea!!!!

I took Gilmore to my vet later that day for blood and fecal tests. All tests came back good except for Lyme-Anaplasma. The positive on that test only means that Gilmore has been bitten by a deer tick at one time. He does not have Lyme disease now. No heartworm or any other parasites. The vet gave me anti-biotics to help ward off any possible infections from the cyst surgery. Her words were:" A healthy dog with Great teeth." She also said he could stand to gain 5-10 lbs. He will need to go back on 3/21/12 to have the staples removed. With all the unknowns of a stray,this was a very good trip to the vet.Both vets that have seen him agree that he is around 9 years old.He also has been micro-chipped.

I've only had Gilmore for 4 days so there is much more for me to learn about him but this is what I know so far.

Gilmore is very gentle about eating and taking treats out of my hands.

  • Gilmore is housebroken and will bark to go out for business.
  • Gilmore gets along with other dogs and cats. No resource guarding that I have seen[kitty watched him eat from inches away]
  • Gilmore does not counter surf and has free roam of the house with no problems
  • Gilmore wants to play ball. He can't untill the vet lifts his restrictions
  • Gilmore gives the Golden Nudge when he wants to play or have attention.
  • Gilmore will lay down when told but needs a little work on sit yet
  • Gilmore needs work on coming when called. He doesn't really know his new name yet.
  • Gilmore loves going for walks and doesn't pull.He is restricted to short walks now until the vet lifts his restrictions from surgery.
  • The pics don't do this handsome boy justice. He is not as greyed as he looks in the pics.

If it looks like Gilmore could fit in your heart and home, please contact your RAGOM placement advisor.

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