At A Glance

  • Age: 12 years, 2 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


We are so happy to introduce RAGOM's newest puppy - Goldy.  Goldy is an absolutely beautiful, sweet happy, playful 9 month old puppy who was surrendered to RAGOM because his family felt that there was a more perfect family out there for him.  With long work hours, they felt that Goldy was spending too much time in a crate and he needed a family where he could get the attention and exercise that he needs.  He was very loved and his demeanor shows this, plus he came with a literal truck load of items - toys, kennel, treats, food, dishes and food, blankets, bedding, leashes, grooming items, and the most comprehensive vet records of any foster we have taken in.  Our trip to the vet confirmed what all these records said - he is totally healthy, neutered, UTD, and weighs in at 67 pounds. 

Goldy was an only dog, but he has fit in so well with our pack - we have three residents.  In fact, the minute he laid eyes on our newest (Sahara - former RAGOM dog) he fell completely in love and would not leave her side.  Unfotunately for him, it was unrequited love - Sahara wanted nothing to do with him.  While he now leaves her alone, he still lays across the room from her and gazes at her adoringly .  Despite a broken heart, he is still so happy.  He loves any and all attention, loves fetching, and goes on constant critter patrol in the backyard.  He walks really well with a harness (and given a choice would rather walk himself - he loves to hold his leash in his mouth and prance around) and loves to get out for walks. Goldy lived with a family with children and from what we heard from them and what we have seen around here - he really loves kids. Yesterday when the bus stopped in front of our house and all the kids were getting off, he planted himself at the front door to watch and almost fell over since his tail was wagging so much. I took him out to visit and he was in his glory surrounded by adoring little people. One amazing thing about Goldy is that he does not bark - EVER. Having had so many goldens in and out over the years plus the three of our own, I have never seen this. When someone comes to our door, our house erupts in barking chaos - the first time this happened, it scared Goldy and he went running in the opposite direction. Now he is used to it, but he has not joined in at all.

Overall, Goldy truly is a prize for some family. He is still so young and will need consistant training, but he is really eager to learn. What will make it even easier is that for his age, he is really very mellow and very food motivated. He will need some more help with his potty training - while he hasn't had any accidents here, his family said that despite all their best efforts, he was still having accidents in the house. Any family adopting him will just need to be consistent with his training on this and he will be fine. If you are interested in meeting this wonderful guy, please let your placement advisor know.

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