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  • Age: 21 years, 10 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


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Please welcome Goober into the RAGOM family.  Goober is a sweet old boy.  His age is estimated to be between 12 and 14 years old – we’re calling him 13.  He is neutered.  Goober’s owner died and thanks to two Good Samaritans – one who looked in to feed and let him out each day, and another who took over his care and got him to see a Vet – he was lovingly placed into RAGOM’s care.

We took him into our RAGOM Vet soon after his arrival.  We received good news and bad news.  His senior bloodwork is great.  He has no parasites, infections, heartworm, or Lyme disease.  Unfortunately he does have bad scarring and arthritis in both rear legs and he also has a very aggressive nasal tumor.  We can control his pain and improve his mobility in his rear legs but the tumor is another story.  Goober’s Good Samaritan had taken him in to a Vet to have it removed but it is coming back with a vengeance.  Unfortunately his prognosis is not good.  If we can keep him happy and pain free for 4 to 6 months we will be doing well.

For this reason we are designating Goober as a “Hospice Dog”.  He is not available for adoption and we will do everything we can to give him a good quality life for as long as we can and then we will help him start his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  

Goober is a joy to be around.  He is one of the more affectionate dogs we have ever met.  He enjoys meeting new people and new dogs.  He gets along fine with our two resident cats.  Car rides are one of his favorite things.  We’ve been working on taking many short walks and we can already see that his rear leg muscle strength is improving.  

He and our resident dog Harley are just like two peas in a pod.  Harley, who is 13.5 just loves having a buddy who does things at his speed.  The boys love their walks together and the treats they get (laced with their pain medication) when they return.  They have already had some fun adventures!

RAGOM is committed to all of our dogs.  We will give Goober the best Golden Life we can for as long as he is happy and free of pain.  Your contributions to RAGOM to help us care for our “old folks” are always appreciated.  Our plans as of now are to take Goober to Goldzilla on September 13.  He loves to ride and, health permitting, he should have a great time meeting everyone.  Please stop by and see us there.  We’ll likely be hanging around the Foster Tent.  


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