Harriet 15-223TD

Meet & Greet events are suspended until May 31st. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support.
Harriet 15-223TDHarriet 15-223TD


Harriet, one of the original dogs brought to RAGOM from Turkey, was returned to RAGOM when she and the other resident dog had a conflict. Harriet has bad hips but is otherwise healthy. She behaves well in the house but has a tendency to guard "her" things. Because of this, Harriet must go to a home with dog-savvy children age 10+ and will do best in a home without other pets. A fence is not required although would be ideal so Harriet can be outside safely.

At a Glance #15-223TD

Golden Retriever Born: October 2014
Female 52 lbs

Status: Adopted


Harriet, one of the original dogs brought to RAGOM from Turkey, was returned to RAGOM when she and the other resident dog had a conflict. Harriet has bad hips but is otherwise healthy. She behaves well in the house but has a tendency to guard "her" things. Because of this, Harriet must go to a home with dog-savvy children age 10+ and will do best in a home without other pets. A fence is not required although would be ideal so Harriet can be outside safely.


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Sweet Harriet has found the best forever home. Harriet loves the outdoors, and her new parents like to spend time outside at parks, at the cabin, and on walks. She loves water and will be able to swim at the cabin.

Her new mom is a physical therapist, which will be helpful with her hip problems. She can observe the wooded back yard from the big windows of her porch. Harriet loves to learn new things, and she'll have two levels of obedience training and possibly therapy dog training. 

I've fallen head over heels in love with Harriet over the past several months. She is very sweet and funny and loving. I'll miss her company, but I'm delighted that her parents and she have found each other. She'll have twice the snuggling and attention, and she's a very lucky girl.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Through no fault of her own, Harriet is once again seeking her adoptive family. Unfortunately, her potential adopter recently had a big change in life circumstances and feels that now is not the right time to adopt.

Harriet is a joy to have around. She's affectionate, friendly, and doesn't bark often. She likes to run around the yard and play, go for short walks, watch dog videos, ride in the car, and learn new things. She loves meeting new people and other well-behaved dogs.

Harriet 15-223TD

Harriet here!

We went to a meet-and-greet, and it was so fun but so hot out! The nice RAGOM people gave us a swimming pool filled with ice! I loved laying my head in it and spreading out in the ice to cool off. I like swimming in water pools, but this was great!

Harriet 15-223TD

One of my favorite things is meeting new people, and so many nice people told me I was very sweet and had beautiful wavy hair.

I had a playdate with my new Golden friend, Lulu. We had fun running and relaxing, and then our foster moms started picking raspberries and I helped a lot! I love raspberries! 

Harriet 15-223TD

My job is to run around the yard, keeping it safe from squirrels! Fenced yards are nice, but I don’t require one, as long as I get exercise and am kept secure. Foster Mom says I still need to work on obeying the “come” command every time, even when I’m doing something fun.

Like many larger dogs, I have a problem with my hips. I can run around and go up and down the stairs easily now, but when I get older, it might be harder, so a house or an apartment on one level would be best.

For now, I take glucosamine and take lots short walks to build my muscles. I jump into Foster Mom’s SUV by starting at the floor and then hopping to the seat.

I’ll do best as an only dog living with kids over 10. 

I am well-behaved and quiet. I sleep in my bed in the bedroom, have free rein in the house for several hours, and don’t take things that aren’t mine. I’m affectionate and love being around my peeps.

I’m a smaller Golden at 52 lbs, and Foster Mom says I’m very easy to fall in love with.  

Life is so good. Now I'm looking for my forever family to share my Golden life. Could it be you? 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Harriet Is such a charmer. She loves to meet dogs and people on walks and at meet-and-greets, and will offer you a paw and gaze into your eyes. Several have said they’d like to take her home the same day they met her. 

Harriet 15-223TD
Harriet 15-223TD

She’s a calm, gentle, and quiet 4-year-old companion. 

She’s been well trained to "sit," "stay," and "down," but is still working on taking treats gently (flat, open palm works best) and consistently coming when called. Like all RAGOM dogs, she needs to be supervised and secure when she’s outside.

She’s intelligent and eager to please. She’s just starting to learn to roll over. She lies down and follows a treat that’s held over her shoulder so she flips. She’s excited to flip around the living room floor. She catches on quickly and enjoys learning new things. 

She barked at fireworks in the sky on the 4th, but didn’t get overly anxious, eventually settling down and sleeping through them. 

She’ll thrive as only dog with exercise every day, good nutrition, and lots of love. She races around the yard and easily runs up and down stairs now, but as she gets older, her hip dysplasia may make stairs difficult, so a one-level home or apartment is best. She gets into my SUV by hopping up to the floor level first. 

She does very well with a Gentle Leader or Easy Walk harness. Walks are one of her favorite things, and she likes to meet new friends and stop to roll in the grass.

Harriet 15-223TD

She has a chronic anal gland problem, requiring a monthly expression by a vet tech, a quick process.

She sleeps quietly in her bed in my bedroom and is crate trained. She doesn’t bother anything that isn’t hers. 

She’s an exceptionally sweet Golden Retriever and deserves a very special family or individual to help her enjoy the Golden Life. She already loves you, and if you meet her, chances are you’ll love her, too.

Harriet 15-223TD

Monday, June 10, 2019

Harriet is a friendly, happy, blonde and white Golden Retriever who is 4 years and 9 months old. She has pretty light waves down her chest, and her white face makes people think she’s older. At 54 pounds, she’s a smaller Golden who’s originally from Turkey. 

She’s completely house trained and respectful of things that don’t belong to her. She has a sweet and friendly personality and loves to make new friends. 

Harriet has two requirements for her furever home: 

  • She’ll need to be an only dog with older kids because she guards her treats and bones from other dogs.
  • She’ll need to be in a one-level home due to potential future hip problems (see below). 

She was cat-tested this week with a cat who’s familiar with dogs. Harriet initially barked, but when the cat ignored her, she quickly lost interest in him. She can meet any dog-savvy cat to see how they react to each other. 

She did very well riding in an elevator and being in an apartment. 

At her first meet-and-greet, she enjoyed meeting lots of people and dogs. She lifts her paw if she’d like more attention. 

She has medium energy and is easy and fun to live with. She naps a lot. She loves car rides, spending time outside running around the yard, rolling in the grass, and napping on the deck. A fenced yard would be great, but all RAGOM dogs need to be supervised when they’re outside for their own safety. 

Harriet 15-223TD

She’s an observer and loves to watch the animals in the yard. She also likes watching animal videos on TV and the computer. She’ll move in close to watch. 

Her hearing is excellent. She can hear a banana being peeled from another room, runs over and sits politely to have a few morsels. 

Harriet 15-223TD

Harriet has a couple health concerns:

  • She has congenital hip dysplasia, so her hip joints didn’t develop correctly. She is comfortable going on several 15-minute walks and running around the yard. Her condition can be helped with good nutrition, exercise so she builds muscle, glucosamine and fish oil supplements, and avoiding stairs. Her hip problems aren’t apparent now, but in time, she may develop degenerative joint disease requiring pain medication, as many large dogs do. Stairs will likely become difficult.
  • She also has a chronic anal gland problem, so her anal glands (which other dogs sniff) fill up and will become uncomfortable if they aren’t expressed on a monthly basis. The vet tech can do this in about 5 minutes. 

Harriet is a very special girl who could become a sweet and devoted addition to your family.

Harriet 15-223TD

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Harriet is a sweet and loving Golden Retriever who has been living with me for two weeks. She quickly settled in here after living with a temporary foster who adored her.

Harriet is a smaller Golden Retriever with a sunny personality. She loves people! She makes lots of friends on our walks!

She is very easy to love. She is polite, walks nicely with the Gentle Leader, and is respectful of things in the house.

She’s completely house and crate trained, although she’s had free rein of the house when I’m away for a few hours. She sleeps quietly in the crate at night until she’s let out in the morning.

She currently has a fenced yard, which is ideal. Her previous foster home wasn’t fenced, and that worked because she went on several short walks and was tied out with constant supervision for a time each day. 

She’s quiet, even when the dogs next door are barking at her.

She’s smart, ready to learn, and food-motivated. She responds to "sit," "stay," and "down," and she learned to shake a paw after one day. She does best when taking treats from the flat of your palm.

She’s affectionate, but also independent and not clingy. She’ll put her paw on you when she wants attention. 

What does Harriet love? 

  • People! She loves her family and everyone that she meets.  
  • She loves walks and starts dancing when she hears her leash come out. However, she has hip displasia, so her walks should be 15 minutes or less at a time, but I’ve observed no signs of difficulty when she's walking or running in the yard. She walks nicely using the Gentle Leader. She’ll stop to meet anyone who’s in their yard. 
  • She loves ear scratches, belly rubs, and pats. 
  • She loves observing the yard for wildlife. 
  • She loves being outside, rolling in the grass and napping in the sun.
  • She loves watching TV with her peeps. 
  • And she will love you!

Harriet will continue to thrive as an only dog due to her tendency to guard her treats from other dogs. Any children in her home must be older (10+) and dog-savvy, and all child-dog interactions must be supervised by an adult at all times.

If you’re looking for a sweet companion, Harriet may be it!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Harriet has been with me for two weeks. Let me tell you a bit about her!

She was 1½ when she came to us from Turkey (our very first group of Turkey dogs). She has hip dysplasia (from birth), and was adopted by a family whose other dog also has the same issue.

She had been with them for three years when she was surrendered back to RAGOM after an altercation with the other resident dog over a bone last month. Maybe she remembered something from her days trying to survive in Turkey and that made her snap at the other dog who had her bone.

She has met four dogs so far while with me and had no problems with any of them. Wagged tails, sniff, sniff, and on to checking out other things. Given what we know, she would probably be best as an only dog.

She is kennel trained, although I haven’t used it since a few days after she arrived. She has been a perfect guest! Not an accident, doesn’t get into anything, no barking. She lays either at the front door (window) or in the front of my house on a tie out and a dog bed and just observes!

She is not a runner. Loves people. Flips over for tummy rubs. Sits nicely. Doesn't jump on you, counter surf, or touch things that aren't dog toys. She also sits on the couch in the back of my house watching all the wildlife—birds, ducks, deer, raccoons, fox—she has great eyesight!

We walk 4 - 5 times a day for about 10 - 15 minutes each, sit and watch TV at night after her dinner. She doesn't really cuddle or kiss—just likes a part of her body to be touching you. She sits nicely and loves to be pet and have her ears rubbed! 

I leave her several times a day now, free in my house, anywhere from an hour to six hours. 

This is what I think Harriet needs in her forever home:

  1. A fence would be nice, but not necessary—I just know how much she loves being outside...
  2. She needs work (a Gentle Leader) to walk without pulling—she is strong!—but she can’t be taken for runs or long walks because of her hips.
  3. Children age 10+ who are dog smart and will not feed her treats or take things from her. I have been teaching her "gentle" when I give her a treat, but she is not there yet.
  4. She has not been cat tested.
Harriet 15-223
Harriet 15-223
Harriet 15-223

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wow, I can’t believe how long it takes for these holidays! It was a whirlwind of family, friends, outings, and lots of food. Good thing someone is watching my figure.

So I haven’t had a chance to talk to you all for a while. Well, it’s been busy, cold, and a little snowy now and then. The cold takes away from our walking time, and Ginger and I really love to go for our walks. Here’s a video of one of them…

As you can see, nothing stops me. I heard a rumor that my hips weren’t so great – you’d never guess from watching me, though my hips sashay a bit when I walk. Looks kind of cute, don’t you think? Anyway, my foster mom and dad are giving me glucosamine and fish oil every day. The best thing about that is the peanut butter wrapped around them!

I’m hoping someone comes over soon that wants me to share their home with them. My foster home is great, but it’s time I bond with my forever folks. Here’s a picture of me looking for you on the sun porch, and all I see are squirrels and deer.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Harriet back with you! How about that thing you Americans call Thanksgiving? Wow! We had 20 family members come to visit me and eat a big Turkey bird. I wondered if someone had brought it from my native country. 

Anyway, my foster mom and dad thought I did really well with all those strangers – settled down in the foyer, didn’t bother anyone at the tables, didn’t steal any food, and even watched the football game with everyone.

Do you remember the other big event that happened that day? We had our first snow. I can’t remember if I saw it before, but I sure loved licking it off the deck and playing in it in the yard.

Foster Mom says I’m getting taller – I’m standing higher than Ginger now; it feels so good to be getting bigger. I only get 2 cups of food a day so I’m not overweight. Have to keep my girlish figure, you know.

I’m still housebroken, so now I have free roam. Yippee! I can be alone for 3-4 hours and be good, but then the devil inside me wants to investigate any room that doesn’t have a door closed. Foster Mom is pretty good about dog-proofing all counter surfaces because now that I’m taller, I see more temptations. But one day, I tried really, really hard and managed to get into the garbage pail. No treat for me when they came home. 

Most mornings, Foster Mom gets up first. When she’s out the door, I try to get into the bed on her side so I can snuggle with Foster Dad. BUT… it’s not allowed here, so I have to go back to my own dog bed. Nuts.

Hope to see you soon at a Meet-and-Greet, but I’m ready when you are if you want to see me where I live. Contact your Placement Director for info.

Goodbye for now, or as they say in my country: “Hoşçakal.” Now wasn’t that easy?!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hi from Harriet!

I wanted you to see how great I’m doing in my foster home. We went for a walk today through the park. I’m lovin’ the fall weather!

We had a scary Halloween with ghosts and goblins coming to the door collecting treats from my foster mom and dad. I was the greeter and loved seeing everyone in their costumes.

I had my first bath at home today. Boy, was that fun! My foster dad got in the bathtub with me and scrubbed me all over. I smell wonderful and my feathers in the back are white again. I was so excited I went running all around the house and finally laid down for a belly rub – my favorite thing.

Foster Mom wants me to tell you that because of my hip problem, I won’t be able to jog or walk more than a mile or two. Also, too much running around with little ones wouldn’t be good for me either. But Foster Mom and Dad have two grandchildren who are 9 and 12, and they are very gentle with me. We still have fun chasing balls, but nothing too strenuous. Hope you’ll come and see me one day and maybe I can come to your house. I’ll miss my foster mom and dad, but I sure would like a forever place to hang out.

More later!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Harriet is a very sweet dog. She likes to give you the typical Golden nudge and raises her paw sometimes for attention. She gets along very well with our 8-year-old resident, Ginger. She has a special toy that was quickly de-stuffed, but loves all of Ginger’s toys. 

We were happily surprised that she is completely housebroken – no accidents and actually rings a Christmas bell attached to our patio door to go outside and do her business. Like the rest of her friends from Turkey, she is very food- and treat-motivated. We are working on her to take the treats nicely.

As for the food, let’s just say she would go after any food laying in her way on the counter. She quickly discovered our garbage bag that was on its way out the door for collection. No question she was used to foraging for herself on the streets of Istanbul.

She is quiet and well-mannered and loves to roll on her back for a tummy rub. She dearly loves all the attention and will come down the stairs to my office to lay by my side. She is very inquisitive and is also starting to respond to her name. Car rides are a favorite thing and she sits looking out the window at everything.

Lately, she has been to the vet for a few shots and tests. In doing this, we discovered through X-rays that she bad hips. We are having our orthopedic surgeon review her films for the next steps. Unfortunately, the surgeon is out of town on business, so we will need to keep Harriet with us until that is done in a few weeks.

She’s a sweetheart and waiting for you!