Jack 07-350

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Meet Jack, a beautiful 2 1/2 year old neutered male!  Jack was surrendered by his owners because they moved and were unable to take him along.  More information on this beautiful guy will be posted when he goes to his foster home!


At a Glance #07-350

Golden Retriever Born: November 2004
Male Weight not specified

Status: Deceased


Meet Jack, a beautiful 2 1/2 year old neutered male!  Jack was surrendered by his owners because they moved and were unable to take him along.  More information on this beautiful guy will be posted when he goes to his foster home!



Monday, August 13, 2018

Our wonderful boy Jack (07-350) went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 12, where he joined his RAGOM furbuddies Tara (Terah, 05-211) and Katie (10-092).  Jack had been experiencing and enduring age-related maladies as well as severe arthritis that even multiple pain relievers could no longer ease.  When he fell and was unable to regain his feet and stand on his own, we realized it was time to relieve his pain.

He was a very special boy that loved running errands with "Dad" and wanted to be included in all activities.  He had his own fan club including family members, friends and even local business people.  He would literally smile in his own way when he was really happy and he, of course, loved getting attention and pats.

We were fortunate to have shared his life for more than eleven years and losing him has left a huge hole in our hearts and lives.

We were truly lucky to have been able to provide a forever home to these three wonderful Goldens.  Each had a distinct personality but all shared a desire to please us.  Thank you RAGOM for giving us the opportunity to give them a home, love and affection and receive so much in return.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jack is thriving in his forever home. His weight is down to just over 80 lbs. (from 100+) with a combination of diet and walks. He still has most of the traits that endeared him to his Iowa foster home, such as digging for ice cubes and looking at you and “talking” as if he has something important to tell you. And he would still rather be inside with his people than outside -- unless there are bunnies (and squirrels) to be chased. Jack has many fans as he accompanies David on most errands. He has a wag for everyone he meets and he is positive that anyone that comes to the house -- visitor, FedEx, UPS, repairman -- is there just to see him. Men at work are his favorites and he will attempt to work his way under the sink with the plumber (or resident DIYer) or right next to the carpenters as the wood chips fly. His response to basic commands is now “almost” flawless after obedience class and lots of consistent repetition.

Jack is looking forward to summer because he loves to go fishing. The lures are as exciting to him as the few fish David catches, and so far we have managed not to hook him. He has to wear a life jacket on board the fishing boat, but David promised not to take any pictures. Jack hates the jacket, but if that is what it takes to go for boat rides, what the heck! Jack is no longer afraid of wading in the lake although he doesn’t like to swim and he absolutely will not jump off the dock. His favorite activity seems to be “rocking.” That means finding lemon-sized rocks in the lake, pawing them up to shallower water and then bringing them up to the deck for some praise.

Jack’s adopted sister Tara (Terah 05-211) went to the Rainbow Bridge last month after a too short six-week battle with aggressive cancer. Jack and Tara got along exceptionally well although Jack could never entice her to play. They enjoyed short walks together because Tara didn’t like to venture far from her secure home. At the end, as Tara was being relieved from her pain, Jack lay down touching her as if to offer comfort. He is a special boy.

Jeannine and David

Jack and Tara before she got sick

These are a few of my favorite things 

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It is with great pleasure that I announce Jack was adopted yesterday by a wonderful family.  He has a mom and a dad, a RAGOM sister named Tara (formerly Terah 05-211 – check her out on page 17 of the “Adopted Dog” site), a couple kitties, a lake (which he is afraid of) and tons of open areas to chase his beloved bunnies!  To say that he hit the JACKPOT is an understatement!  We miss Jack already, but we know he has found his PERFECT forever home and that is why we do foster care!

Congratulations, W family!

PS – A generous RAGOM foster in St. Cloud opened up her home to all of us and let us do our meet and greet there.  THANKS Joyce, that was above and beyond the call of duty, but we all appreciated it!  And thanks for feeding usJ

Friday, June 1, 2007

Jack continues to do GReat in foster care.  Over the Memorial Day Weekend we had our neighbors 12 year old Golden, Tillie the resident Golden, and Jack.  I was a little worried about Molly, as she has bad hips and other age related issues, but Jack learned very quickly that she was not going to put up with any of his puppy antics.  He tried to get her to play over and over, but at 12, her idea of play is to just wander around and sniff the smells in the yard – after a while he just gave up.  Jack knows sit, down, shake – we are working on stay (that one might take some time), leave it and come.  He has a high prey drive, but that is probably from having a farm to roam on and being able to chase those pesky rabbits at will, until he came into foster care – he looks at me so sadly when we are walking and he tries to take off after a rabbit and I won’t let him.  He also has no recall and we are working VERY hard on that one – again probably because he had free roam for the 1st 2.5 years of his life, but coming on command is probably the single most important thing he can learn, so we will diligently work on that command until he gets it!  Generally, he is a total Velcro dog and prefers to be right with me or my husband.  He also loves to go for car rides and walks and loves to stop and visit each and every house on our walks.

The vet visit was exactly as I expected – he is 20 pounds overweight and really needs to loose it now L  So we are working on decreasing his food intake and increasing his exercise.  Other than the weight issue, he is healthy as a horse (no pun intended) and the vet's comment about him was “why would this dog be in rescue?”  His coat is improving daily, but will need a great amount of brushing over time, as his coat is very dense and probably has never been brushed in his life, so every day we work on it.  Luckily he loves to be brushed!

He has a couple funny traits – he looks you in the eye and barks right at you when he is trying to tell you something.  The way he moves his mouth is more like talking than barking – we laugh at him every time he does this, we still don’t know what he is trying to tell us, but we can tell that whatever he is trying to say, it is something very important to him!  Also, he is quite good at using his nose to investigate things – he was able to open the cooler over the weekend to get ice (loves ice) - he was quite pleased with himself once he mastered that trick J

He is going to meet a family the beginning of next week – cross your fingers for Jack that they fall in love with him as much as we have – he is a GReat dog and deserves to be a valued member of someone’s family, not just a lawn ornament on someone’s farm!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jack, all 101 pounds of him, is doing great in foster care!  He is neutered and UTD on all of his shots and will see the vet this afternoon.  He is 2.5 years old and lived on a farm with free roam up until a week ago.  He has adjusted perfectly to being a house dog.  He has not yet tried to mark anything in the house, not had one accident, not chewed on anything inappropriate, and found that the couch and the bed are much better than the garage!  He isn’t all that active (might be the weight), but loves to go for walks or rides.  He is a total Velcro dog and while the other dogs are hanging out on the deck or in the yard he prefers to be with one of his foster parents.  He loves to be brushed and will sit quietly as I work through ALL the hair this boy has!  When he came here his coat was dull and pretty lifeless, yesterday I noticed just the slightest glimmer of gold while he was outside in the sun – he will be GORGEOUS after he has been on good food and has routine brushings!

We will be visiting the vet today so I will know more about his weight and energy level after that.  Look for more pictures in the near future!