At A Glance

  • Age: 17 years
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 65.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Jack 10-174 is a 4 year-old male purebred Golden Retreiver who weighs about 63 lbs. and is a beautiful red color. Jack does have a birthday coming up on July 4th so he is close to being 5 years old. Jack comes from a home where the owner, who owned Jack since he was 7 weeks old, is moving to a home that does not allow pets. This is always a very tough situation and we're going to do our very best to find Jack a new home that has lots of love and fun like his previous home. Jack was raised with kids of all ages and gets along very well with other dogs, cats, and even the baby raccoon that he just met. Jack met with our good friends at the Garrison Animal Clinic on Monday 6/7/10 and Dr. Katy pronounced Jack to be in excellent physical condition and Jack is now up-to-date with all his shots and is started on Heartworm. Jack is currently unaltered and will be neutered on Monday 6/21 so he will not be available for adoption until then but is certainly available to be interviewed! Jack is fully house and crate trained and has free roam of the house and walks very well on a leash. He knows the basic sit command and we're working on learning the others. He just began to learn stairs as it looks like he did not have much experience with them. He likes his toys and does fetch fairly well and he easily gives up his toys to you and shows no signs of resource guarding at all. He accepts treats when given and is starting to resume his normal eating times. Jack loves to be petted and welcomes you every morning with a big body shake that makes you laugh. Jack loves to swim in kiddie pools but appears to be a bit apprehensive of water. Jack does not appear to be a counter-surfer nor a garbage eater. Jack is a bit of a runner though and when off-leash he will run around a bit keeping you in sight until he tires then he lets you put the leash on him. I think further training will take care of this as Jack does seem to learn commands fairly easily. Jack will likely benefit from a fenced yard. Jack is reported to be a digger and I think this can be corrected by keeping him busy and exercised as he has not tried to dig while under my care. Jack rides very well in the car and doesn't mind being left alone in it. Jack sleeps very quietly next to our bed and will give you a nose nudge when he needs you to get up. Jack will give a slight whine when he needs to go outside and does his duties fairly quickly and I think he can be trained to go in a certain area if given the opportunity. Jack appears to only bark when a stranger is in the area or when he is excited and wants to play, which is pretty normal. Jack really is a sweetheart who has had a wonderful life which we hope will continue with another furever family!


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