At A Glance

  • Age: 22 years, 8 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


2/13/07: We received Jake about ten days ago. He is a big, handsome, red boy. Jake is six years old, but he does act younger than his age sometimes. He is about 80 pounds of pure affection. Our family is thoroughly enjoying Jake. He has been neutered and seems to be doing well. He sometimes walks gingerly on his left foot and has a hard time while going up the stairs. The vet checked him out, and he has arthritis. He is currently on medication and will have to be on joint supplements throughout for his arthritis. He can be sensitive around his left ear due to persistent ear infections. The vet administered some medication, but we are not yet giving it to him because he is not comfortable with us doing it. He loves his arthritis medication, though. Per the vet's recommendation, he will be assessed by a RAGOM behaviorist due to a little growliness towards the vet tech when she came in the room with the micro chip scanner (scary looking instrument!) and when we get too near his bone (we've removed that for now). He is very good with my kids. He is very well mannered and understands sit, stay, and he does not sit on our furniture. His least favorite thing is going into the kennel, and he tends to go in it only when he feels like it. We are working on that, though.

Jake is very loving and enjoys the outdoors. He does bark at other dogs, but he does not bark inside the house. Everytime I start the car he runs to the garage waiting to get in the car. He does very well in the car and gets excited and happy like a puppy. When my kids get back home from school, he gets very excited and starts dancing around. He does chase our cat, but we don't know if he means any harm. He is a good sleeper and does not disturb us at night.

What Jake Enjoys:

~Cuddling up (even if that means 80 pounds of him all over my kids!)

~Riding in the car

~Playing fetch

~Going on walks and eating mouthfuls of snow!

~Getting groomed from his head to his tail

~Getting treats!

So far, our experience with Jake has been a positive one! Everyone who has met him loves him! We couldn't have asked for an easier and nicer dog, and you would be lucky to have him in your family! We will keep you updated on this little lover.

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