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  • Age: 11 years, 9 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


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Rachel and Josh Blanke
"In loving memory of Emma"


"In memory of beloved senior fosters, Red 14-202 and Wilson 14-026. You're in good hands now, Jake!"


 Happy Valentine's Day from Laura Kreun!

 Happy Valentines Day Jake!! From Teddy & Riley

 Happy Valentine's Day!! OXO - Hope you find your forever home soon! In memory of Corky

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Jake, RAGOM fans. RAGOM fans, Jake. He would like me to tell you a little bit about himself... So here it goes! (Warning... you will fall in love. I guarantee it!)

Jake is a 10-year-old, purebred, neutered male Golden Retriever. He was surrendered to rescue due to financial reasons and, at the time of his rescue, was living alone.

Because RAGOM is awesome, volunteers sprung into action very shortly after learning about Jake's urgent need. He was safely tucked into his foster home a couple of days later.

When I first saw this big boy, my heart sank. Jake was in horrible condition. He had to be helped from the car, and he was huge! I wasn't sure he could see; he was missing a lot of fur; he had trouble walking; he had elbow calluses as big as softballs; and he was really, really smelly! I was worried that we wouldn't be able to help restore his health, that it was too late. But he looked at me. My heart melted. His bald little tail wagged. My hope was restored. I kissed his stinky head and told him it was all going to be okay, trust me. He nudged my hand as if to say... "I believe you."


I spent the next few hours with him on the floor, cutting out large clumps of matted fur, combing so many fleas out of his dark red coat, trimming inches off his overgrown toenails, and cleaning his severely infected ears. He soaked it up, occasionally giving my hand gentle kisses! I know he appreciated the care. He slept soundly all through the night. Tomorrow was a new day. A new beginning.

We started out the next day at the groomer! He was bathed with one shampoo and then another and another! He was trimmed and brushed and blow-dried. When I picked him up, he smelled so good and looked even more handsome. The groomer said he didn't move a muscle as she pampered him! He sat in the tub with his eyes closed! Bliss.


Our much-anticipated vet visit gave us plenty of news to share:

  • weighed in at 115 lbs (25-30 lbs over ideal weight)
  • very poor skin condition: infected with yeast and staph, flaky, and missing large patches, particularly on his abdomen, rear legs, and tail
  • bilateral ear infections (with notable ear canal narrowing, likely due to chronic, untreated ear infections)
  • resolving flea infestation
  • entropion of both eyes (possible surgical correction needed)
  • possible cushings disease (lab results pending)
  • hypothyroidism (started on medication)

The great news is that his chemistry panel and CBC look good, all within normal limits. And he's now getting the veterinary care he needs. AND he's about as happy-go-lucky as they come! Yes, Jake, everything is going to be alright.


Jake is incredibly easy to love and a perfect houseguest. He's house-trained, knows basic commands, very dog/cat/kid-friendly! He loves to snuggle and just be wherever we are! He's a Golden through and through, and I just can't wait to watch him transform into the healthy dog that's in there somewhere! Stay tuned!


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