At A Glance

  • Age: 2 years, 9 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: N/A
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Jasper arrived safely in Balsam Lake this afternoon via the Joyceann express. He was a very sad and scared little man, well not so little, actually, he needs to be on a diet. In the few hours that he has been here, his eyes are starting to soften some. Brandy 04-239 has taken a liking to him and I think that has helped him to relax. He will be staying in the RAGOM room in the kennel for a while till I can gain his trust and he figures out he will only be getting lots of love here. I think the gang in the house might be a bit much for the poor guy. Although I don't think it will be very long, just got that feeling.

Jasper has a short tail, like the length of a Springer. It really looks pretty cute, just imagine, nothing on the coffee table going flying when he walks by.

He checked out the whole kennel and never once lifted his leg on anything! Very good for a dog that has been used for breeding all his life and was only neutered a bit more than a week ago. I am really excited about how much progress he will make everyday. This is my first really shy foster dog, normally they are bouncing off the walls!

Tomorrow I will take some pictures and maybe give him a bath, if he's up to that. I just know there is a very sweet man underneath that shyness. I think once he figures out what a golden life is supposed to be like he is just going to bloom!

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