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  • Age: 7 years, 9 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
May 13, 2015 not requiredyes not requirednot tested 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Jimi is an adorable 8 month old goldendoodle. He came to RAGOM from a breeder.  Jimi was living with a family and is well adjusted.  Jimi will be a perfect best friend to a young family as he adores children. On our evening walk, one neighborhood boy declared that petting Jimi is like petting a cloud. Jimi does need to work on his leash walking skills, as he is easily distracted, but we are working on it! 


Jimi still needs some work with his potty training, and can't be left home alone for too long. He also needs more than a few minutes outside for potty visits as he can a bit shy. 


Jimi and our resident dog have become extremely friendly, and love to wrestle and play with tug toys. Over his time with us Jimi has come into his own and gives just as good as he gets from his foster brother (who is easily three times his size) He will do well with dogs of all sizes. Jimi has done well in his crate training but needs to be able to see and be near his foster brother to enjoy a good rest. 


Like most goldendoodles, Jimi has a taste for rocks, and can be a bit of a chewer. He's been sniffing around our power cords, so would benefit from puppy proofing. Jimi also has a green paw, and loves to play in our garden.  Our hostas did not survive his gardening skills. 


Jimi is a wonderful dog and will be a great addition to the right family.  If Jimi sounds like your ideal pup, please contact your placement advisor. 






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