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  • Age: 13 years
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 85.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


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6/1/2015Optional Yes Optional Yes 
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Hi, I'm Kirby a pure bred Golden of MN. I'm red in color and soon to be a 6 year old gentleman on June 19th​.  ​My present weight is around 75 lbs and I think it's my perfect weight.

​I came into rescue a few weeks ago because my family was no longer able to manage my seizures and wanted to get me the help I need to be healthy and happy.  ​

My foster dad is bringing me to the U of M on June 15th  to have my blood tested to make sure my present seizure meds are of the proper dosage and if there would be any other type of meds that would be better for me, as I want to be at my very best when I move to my forever home. 

My ​old yard was a big 1 acre wood fenced yard, and I had the run of it. My foster dad's yard is much smaller​, so my foster dad brings me on lots of walks so I can get some really good exercise.  I love playing with other dogs so I hear there are places called, "Dog Parks" and I know I would love to go there.

I miss my human sisters and would really like to have either sisters or brothers or both in my forever home as I am a very gentle big guy! I really hope in my forever home there is someone who will play fetch with me, walk with me and just play with me and obviously just be there for me when I need my meds on a scheduled basis.  My foster dad has really been my best friend through my transition and I know he wants the very best for me. I'm very good in a home where I can have walks when nature calls and have my meds on a timely basis for my seizures (I'm on my 10th day of no seizures today, because my foster dad is very timely on my meds). I love every dog that I meet, so it would be fun to have some dog time if you have another dog in your present family. I'm only a little curious about cats, as I want to play, but most of my foster dad's cats are wondering where I came fro​m.

I promise to update soon after my vet visit for my seizures. Hug's and Kisses--- Kirby

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