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  • Age: 16 years, 11 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


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Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
6/30/2015 Not required Yes Optional  Not tested
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I would like to introduce Miss Kloe 15-159. She is a beautiful golden retriever and lab mix (by her looks). She is a lovely blond and white color with a bit of wavy hair on her back. She is a good weight for her size weighing in at 74 lbs today. 

Kloe has been with us (foster family) for 10 days now. Here is what we know about her. She is an absolute sweetheart, loves to be near humans but is not super clingy. Kisses flow very easily from her! She is perfect with other dogs. We had 5 other dogs of all sizes and ages at our home over the holiday and she did fabulous with all. She also did great with all of the kids, all ages. They, of course, wanted to give her treats and she took them very gently. There were not many fireworks near us but she was not afraid of any of the noise. She loves being outside and does not seem at all interested in running away.  She is extremely interested in chipmunks! She is also very interested in anything with wings, including all birds, dragonflies and mosquitos. We wonder if she is trained to hunt birds. She also loves to swim, no, not just loves, she loves loves loves, to swim. She will swim alongside me in a kayak. She will swim near the kids and she will just swim to cool off. She also is super happy to go for boat rides. It seems like she has had lots of experience with water and boats in her past. 

In the house Kloe wants to follow us around but just lies down and relaxes. She does like soft places, like couches and beds, but will get down when asked (we don't ask however). She is house trained and goes to the door and acts excited when she needs to go out. She will chew on dog toys but has not touched anything else. She is not real motivated by food and we needed to get her on a twice a day feeding routine as otherwise she would just graze on her food. She eats well right next to our 2 dogs. 

I took her to the vet today and she is negative for tick diseases and heart worm. Yea Kloe! Her blood work also came back great. She appears in very good health. She has no problem with stairs or running fast across the yard. 

It is obvious to us that Kloe was well loved in her past home. RAGOM was asked to take her when her family could no longer afford to keep her. We would like to find her a forever home where she can spend lots of time outside, chipmunks and water would be a plus. We think she would do fine as an only dog or with others. Our 2 very old dogs do not want to play with her but I think she may enjoy a playmates. She would like a home where she can give lots of kisses and soft places to lay on would be great. 

If you are interested in seeing if Kloe would be a good fit for your home please contact your placement advisor!

Kloe is a happy girl.

I'll find that chipmunk!

Kloe loves to swim

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