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  • Age: 16 years, 11 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


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 8/3/2016 Optional Yes!Optional Yes 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Miss Lambo is an approximately 9 year old spayed female senior Golden Retriever that came into RAGOM a few weeks ago.  Her owner passed away several months ago, and she had been living in the home since then and was being taken care of by family members.  They noticed she had lost weight and wasn't eating well, and they called RAGOM for help with her.  We quickly responded and brought her into our home and RAGOM's care.  We immediately treated her for fleas, cleaned up the mats on her body, and gave her a soothing medicated bath.  We were able to get her into the vet the next morning.  While we didn't have much information about Lambo, we were told that she had knee surgery at one point.  The vet did notice an injury to the other knee.  Lambo's bloodwork showed some values that were not within the normal range, so we will be rechecking them to see how they have changed after a few weeks.  She is also hypothyroid, and we started her on a twice daily medication to correct that.  She is on antibiotics for a skin infection, along with her thyroid medication, a joint supplement, and an antihistamine to help with her itchiness.  Lambo is slightly underweight, so we are feeding her an increased amount of high quality food in hopes to help her gain a few pounds and get her healthier.  Lambo also has a mass in her mouth that will need to be removed, but the vet wants to wait to see how well she responds to current treatments before we start to think about that.  We need to get her healthier before she's a good candidate for anesthesia.  We are diligently working on getting her feeling better and as healthy as we can!  She had a negative fecal and heartworm test, but hasn't been vaccinated yet.  The vet wants to wait until she's healthier to give her any vaccinations.  We will get her microchipped at the next vet visit, as the vet wanted to wait until her skin infection cleared up.

Lambo previously lived with a young dog and for the most part, she gets along fine with our two Goldens (ages 1 and 5).  She did have some space issues for the first week or so, where she would raise her lips and let out a growl or snarl if one of our dogs got too close to her or if she was sleeping and they startled her awake.  Each day there has been improvement, and now it's hardly an issue.  Both of my dogs are very good at reading dog language and quickly backed off and gave her space, so we haven't had any issues.  It's also a possibility that because she isn't feeling well and has a bad knee, she is extra protective.  This may change as we get her feeling better.  She probably wouldn't do well with a dog that isn't as quick to back off when she displays this behavior, but it doesn't disqualify potential families with other dogs!  She would also do great as an only dog.  She really has no interest in playing with other dogs.  She just wants love and attention from her people!  She has shown zero interest in our cats and only sniffed at our guinea pigs, so she can go to an adoptive home with cats or other small animals.  Kids were unknown when she first arrived.  She quickly bonded with both our 8 year old and 11 year old, so she would do fine with kids, as long as they are willing to pet her whenever she asks!  It was reported that she didn't bond well with men, but that hasn't been the case here.  She has fallen in love with every member of our family, and comes up to each of us equally for love and attention!  She particularly loves having her ears and butt scratched.

Lambo is an incredibly sweet and loving old lady.  She is so happy to have a comfy place to nap and lots of hands to give her plenty of love.  She likes sleeping with her head on the bed, or occasionally on the bed if she can get up or get some help up.  She is completely housebroke and can be trusted when we leave.  She tends to scratch at doors if they are closed, especially if she wants on the other side.  She has barked a few times, but isn't too vocal.  Although we have a fenced yard, we think she would do fine without a fenced in yard.  Most of the time she just wants to go potty and come back inside to be with us.  We haven't done walks with her yet due to her painful knee, but as we get her more comfortable, we will add that.  Controlled and somewhat limited exercise for her is important until we know what options she has for her knee.  She did have some difficulty with stairs the first few days, but we have added a pain medication and she has gotten a lot more comfortable.  

Lambo is currently unavailable for adoption until we know how she responds to treatment, how her recheck bloodwork looks, and surgical options for her oral mass, but we wanted to introduce this wonderful girl to the RAGOM community!  If you've been considering sponsoring a dog, Lambo is the one!  Her medical expenses are climbing and will only get higher as we work through her medical issues.  Luckily, RAGOM doesn't hesitate to take in dogs like Lambo just because they may require costly medical tests and treatment!  We are so thankful for this!  Enjoy the adorable pictures of our adorable Lambo!  We know you will love her as much as we do!

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