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  • Age: 7 years, 9 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


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Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 May 16, 2015optional yes optional yes 
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Lily is a nine-month-old golden doodle. She came into RAGOM from a breeder so is getting used to life as a part of a family. She has been in foster care now for 2 weeks. She spent the first week with her temp foster (thanks so much Patty!) and is now with our family in Polk City. She has been to the vet, is up to date on her vaccinations and had a negative heartworm check. She is 51 lbs and will be getting spayed shortly. She got groomed this past week so I have pictures of her from before and after. What a change!!

What you need to know about Lily. She gets along great with children, dogs, and cats. She can be a little shy with new people as she did not get a lot of socialization in her early life, but has no aggressive tendencies whatsoever. She just needs a bit of time to warm up. She does great with my 2 yr old daughter after a day of getting used to how loud she can be. She rides well in the car, but has to be lifted into the car as she just isn't used to riding yet. Once in she rides nicely. She does pretty well in the crate and is in there while we are at work and during bed time. She doesn't pull on a leash but is still figuring out how to walk in a straight line. No food or toy aggressions, so far she only likes the squeaky toys.

Lily is a puppy and has the personality of one. She is fairly mellow for a younger dog, but has all the other puppy traits. Housetraining is a work in progress though she hasn't had an accident in 4 days so we are definitely getting there. She is used to being out in a fenced in backyard so it may take some time to get her used to pottying on a leash if you don't have a fence. She loves to chew, chew, chew like any puppy and seems to prefer anything but her toys, ha. She needs to be monitored as she will chew about anything if left to her own devices. She will try to counter surf, will jump up sometimes, and needs work on commands. She is a very sweet, medium energy, pup and enjoys pets and attention like most Goldens. She definitely sheds so please keep that in mind.

If you think Lily may be a fit for your family please contact your placement advisor. 

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