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  • Age: 13 years, 10 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


November 2, 2012

Please help me WELCOME Ms. Luuuuuucy Louuuuuu to RAGOM! OMGoodness---this is one wonderful doggie! Lucy is about 4 yrs. old. She's a Golden/Yellow Lab/Something Mix...but please do NOT let her beautiful disguise fool you---this girl is 100% Golden through and through under that pretty fur suit she's wearing!

Lucy has been with us just 5 days ---and we are in LOVE! Unfortunately, we are just her temp foster home because her living situation became urgent and she needed to come in before her foster could take her. Lucy will be heading to her actual foster home this weekend where there are KIDS!!! (Lucy's favorite thing we hear!)

Lucy was originally rescued from a parking lot of a feed store two years ago when a Good Samaritan (GS) answered a call out from a man saying, "Hey, you want this dog because otherwise I'm gonna shoot her." Thank goodness our GS was there to save Lucy's life! Lucy lived with her new family on a farm and was LOVED by many---she sure enjoyed the company of 13 grandkids, two other dogs and loved to cuddle with "mom" in bed at night. Unfortunately, Lucy also loves to chase things and her Lab prey drive is darn near perfect--demonstrating those perfect skills on day #2 at our home with a major score---the Momma Bunny that our dogs were trying to get at all summer! Seems we were all impressed but the kitties and horses on the farm were not and so she had to leave. Lucy's owner told RAGOM, "Lucy really needs a life different than living on a farm and she needs kids in her life, she loves kids"

So---Lucy's new adventure begins in RAGOMland and we know she is going to find a wonderful "Happy Ending" for sure!

Here is what we've learned so far about Lucy:

  • She has the sweetest personality
  • She loves people, dogs, and cuddling
  • Lucy would be a great dog park dog---very good with other dogs once she meets them and has a chance to make friends
  • She loves to chase anyone that wants to play
  • She is not a big eater--but does carry about 15+ extra pounds on her pretty frame.
  • Lucy loves car rides and walks
  • She is house-trained, has free run of the house when we are away---and is not destructive at all with anything (except critters)
  • She is a "kids galore, no cats" kind of girl
  • She likes to explore the property looking for critters that need her "attention"
  • She does not like her picture taken...sound and/or flash scares her
  • Lucy is a bed hog----but a nice warm one!
  • She definitely likes the couch to rest and retreats to the bed when you are away or its time for bed.
  • Lucy is low-key in the house---just wants to rest by you or hang out.
  • Lucy LOVES belly rubs!

Lucy was adored by her previous owner and it's evident. Took her all of 2 hours to settle in and make herself at home on the couch-- she's a very happy, comfortable girl!

Lucy will be heading to the vet for her initial check-up and weigh in this weekend. Please stay tuned as her foster family will no doubt sing more of her praises very soon!

If you are looking for a GReat dog---as your very first dog, your second dog, a companion dog, or just a good buddy---It really doesn't get much better than Ms. Luuuucy Louuu! Please let your Placement Advisor know if Lucy might be the girl you are looking for!

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