At A Glance

  • Age: 14 years, 8 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 50.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


Pull out the welcome mat for sweet Maggie!  Maggie is a 2.5 year old PB golden.  She weighs 48 lbs and is a beautiful mixture of gold, brown, and a tint of red.  Maggie came to us from down south in Iowa.  She is "cute as a button."  I think she looks like a wee little teddy bear.  Her original family felt that Maggie was not getting the attention she deserved.

Maggie was not spayed when she came to RAGOM.  She has been to the vet and is all up-to-date on her shots.  She came through the spay without a hitch and was a model patient.  Maggie got to leave her kennel several times to go visit with the receptionist.  She is such a charmer.

She knows the basic commands of come, sit, and lay.  She goes into the gorilla size kennel, but is not real fond of the size that is made for her size.  I do kennel her while I am away at work.  In the evenings and through the night, she has freedom to roam the house.  Maggie stays close by either the other dogs or me.  She is not a loner.  You might find her laying on the deck while the others are out playing, but she is not far and keeps her eye on things.  When she first came, she sat back and really studied Jerry (09-006) and resident dog, Max.   She did not get very involved in the first couple of days.  By the third or fourth day, she was right in the middle of everything.

Maggie and Jerry will play for hours.  They will give each other the cutest little kisses.  Maggie had access to a pond over Mother’s Day weekend.  She never went all the way into the water, so I don't believe that swimming is really her thing.  She always gets excited to see her leash come out, so I think there has been a fair amount of time spent going for walks.  She does well on the leash.

Maggie gets a little anxious while riding in the car.  She does better in the front seat where I can talk to her.  On long trips she will eventually fall asleep.  Around town, on short trips, she does a fair amount of panting.  But she has not thrown up - YEA!

Maggie will sound the alarm when out in the yard and the neighbors come out.  She quiets down when told to and it seems to be getting better the longer she is with me.  She is a little timid when meeting someone new.  It does not take much time for her to get past it though and then she is right there getting her share of pets.  Again, she is getting better the longer she is use to being with me and the more she feels secure.

Very tired after a long Mother's Day weekend.

Maggie and resident dog, Max.

Pretty girl!

Down by the pond with Max and Jerry (09-006).

She looks like a teddy bear!

Down by the pond with Max and Jerry (09-006).

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