At A Glance

  • Age: 12 years, 4 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 12.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


A portion of Mandy's medical care was paid for by a generous grant from the Golden Retriever Foundation's April Fund

Mandy arrived as a surrender from a breeder. She was, in his words, "... undersized and unfit for breeding ...". She was 17 weeks of age but we have seen many 10-week-old puppies that were larger than she was.

A trip to the Vet showed fluid in the abdomen, listlessness, worms and a heart murmur. This called for an ultrasound to be done to learn more about her heart.

She made that trip yesterday and there was a little (emphasis on little) leakage around one of her heart valves and there was a bit of a murmur on the right side. Many measurements were made of heart chambers, valves and arteries. A "bubble" test was done to determine if there was any leakage between heart chambers or from heart to Aorta. The doctor walked us thru the entire exam while we watched on the screen of the GE Vivid i portable ultrasound machine. A very interesting and educational process.

When it was all done the determination was that there was nothing out of line in the measurements or action of the heart. Looking at the red blood cell count and the protein levels in the blood it is likely that a combination of lack of exercise, poor nutrition and a massive infestation of worms are what was causing the listlessness.

After a few days of good and regular feedings and de-worming medicine we are happy to report that she's becoming a much more active puppy. That doesn't mean that she is less of a snuggler, however. She's a Golden and she wants your attention. She'll wrap around your feet to take a nap and she'll follow wherever you go. She has every indication of being a "velcro" dog; stuck to you where ever and what ever.

She's a dark red with the pointy nose and head of the English line of Golden Retrievers. She has started to play with toys and with the other Golden Retriever in the household. But each Golden wants 100% of the attention being given out. Being small, Mandy can often work her way closer to the available human than can the full-sized Golden just to get that higher percentage of attention.

Next week Mandy will go to the Vet again for the next round of puppy shots and they will take a small sample of her blood to check the protein levels. They want to make sure that her nutrition is trending upward in a positive direction. If that is the case, as we expect it to be, then she'll be in the clear and be ready to move on with her new Golden life.

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