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  • Age: 5 years, 6 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: N/A
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


Maple is an 8-week-old puppie who was part of a 9- puppy litter that came into RAGOM. The same family gave us 6 puppies in the spring and were so pleased with how we found homes for the others, they gave us 9 more! One of RAGOM's missions is to educate people about how to avoid accidental breedings and we are sharing this information with the family. We are so glad that they called us again so these wonderful pups can find the perfect forever homes and live happily ever after, which is what they deserve.

Little Twiggy and her rambunctous brother Maple came home with me last night after a late night out at the Vet. Together with their 6 other brothers and 1 sister they were rescued and brought to the Vet for their very first visit for shots and microchip. With any luck their parents will be following them in to be sterilized! Much as we love these little darlings- there's no need to overpopulate the world with Goldens,(Hmmm...or...No, no really!)

Last night the two snuggled up together in the crate and with barely a whimper fell fast asleep. This morning it was up at the crack of dawn to go outside with Goldie 04-299 and my 2 Greyhounds for potty training 101. They followed the other pups out sleepily and did as they did- all their duties and returned to the living room to play and get aquainted. Lots of rolling, tumbling, and prancing! THEN, the kids woke up and you'd have thought it was Christmas morning! What a hoopla! The puppies bounced from one child to another kissing and getting cuddles and hugs. This promises to be a week to remember for all!

The puppies had been kept outdoors before they were rescued by Jane, but they seem to be adapting to the good life indoors! They are very people-friendly and greeted the other dogs with enthusiasum! They must have had decent social contact at their surrendering home, because they seem very happy and out going! They eat like growing pups, weighing in at @ 9lbs for the male- Maple and less for the female-Sweet pea or Twiggy, as we called her at the Vet. She seemed most timid last night, but opened up when playing with the group. This morning she's right in with the bunch! When at the food bowl she's actually the dominant one, pushing little brother over to the edge of the bowl! She holds her own! Can't wait til we introduce the cats!

Another "uneventful" day in a fosters life! :)

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